How Shopping Baskets Improve Customer Experience

Retail is a fiercely competitive sector. To remain successful, you need to have great products and outstanding service. But also provide your customers with a good shopping experience. Shopping Baskets improve Customer Experience massively, read our guide below to find out why.

Shopping baskets are a crucial element of this experience, making buying straightforward and comfortable. This guide illustrates exactly why that is.

Mills Display specialise in display solutions and have a thorough understanding of retail requirements. We offer a large range of baskets, even with the possibility of branding.

10 Ways Shopping Baskets Improve Customer Experience

What’s the point of spending a fortune on merchandising and great stock if your customers can’t get it to your point of sale easily?

Shopping baskets and the stands which allow for their efficient distribution are an absolute necessity for any size store. Stores where you’re looking to make multiple sales and you don’t want your customers juggling their purchases while looking at other display cabinets. It also helps when they’re trying to ferret around for their Eftpos card.

So here’s our 10-point guide to why introducing them into your small store, or adding them to existing trolleys in a larger store can help change your customers’ retail experience for the better.

Mills Display’s 10 Point Guide:

1. Efficiency:

Shopping for things like groceries, produce or small goods needs to be a swift, efficient process. Therefore shopping baskets keep the aisles clear of queues of trolleys. Also, they give your customers the option of just a couple of items or a few items for that special recipe. The swifter the customer’s experience the more likely they will return. Furthermore the better you can monitor and control your point of sale queues.

2. Ease of use:

Mills Display’s range of baskets can be either 20-litre capacity (320mm x 420mm x 230mm depth) or 26-litre (320mm x 470mm x 260mm. This means they have room to stack hard and fragile articles alongside each other without any risk of damaging produce before it’s paid for.

3. Versatility:

As well as the usual carrier baskets, Mills Display also stocks baskets fitted with telescopic handles and casters so they can be pulled around. Again, this saves space around your aisles compared to trolleys. Still, it allows customers who can’t or don’t want to carry their purchases around the store, to have them contained right up to the point of sale.

4. Store Guide:

Having a stand for your baskets at the front of the store next to the entrance keys your customers in to the shopping experience. And having a similar stand next to the checkout means they can move through the point of sale quickly. They don’t even have to look for somewhere to leave a trolley.

5. Comfort:

As well as the baskets with telescopic handles and wheels, our range of baskets can be carried comfortably. This happens without the risk of the handles pinching customer’s hands; regardless of the weight of goods inside.

6. Trust:

Our shopping baskets manufacturing place is New Zealand. Also, they have been independently tested in New Zealand to show that the 20-litre baskets can carry more than 100 kg. We also proved that the 26-litre baskets can withstand more than 120kg of weight. This is more than enough to accommodate a Christmas ham or multiple boxes of bolts, screws and nails! They are also constructed with a reinforced rim and unbreakable handles. This helps to minimise breakages and gives you and your customers’ piece of mind.

7. Economics:

When your customer steps into your store they don’t want to feel railroaded into thinking they have to spend a lot of money. But, equally, you want to be able to give them the impression that they can handle multiple purchases. By supplying them with a shopping basket, it allows people who wouldn’t think they need anything as lare as a trolley to browse your display shelving and retail display cabinets. This happens without juggling what they originally came in for.

8. Branding:

Although we provide baskets in three standard colours of black, red and yellow, all our baskets can be branded with stamped company logos and designs. We also manufacture in your store’s branded colour. Just give us the details around type fonts, artwork and colours and we can arrange to manufacture a unique shopping basket. This allows you to stamp your brand on your customers’ experience.

9. Display:

As well as being able to brand the baskets, the basket stands can also be customised to display your branding. Another way is to show retail signage detailing special promotions or information for customers.

10. Intent:

In online shopping, retailers spend a large amout of time trying to reduce the number of people who abandon the buying process before they reach checkout. Well, the same applies for the shopping experience in a bricks-and-mortar store too. Supplying a shopping basket reinforces the intent to make a purchase and lessens the likelihood of a customer browsing, not finding what they’re looking for; and simply leaving.

Mills Display has a great range of baskets to suit your needs. We can help with any customisation or bespoke baskets you think might complement your store.

For more information on how to order shopping baskets for your store or to talk through other potential solutions which would help your customer’s shopping experience, contact one of Mills Display’s experts via email, Livechat with us on the website or phone our Auckland showroom on 09 634 5962.

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shopping baskets improve customer experience

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Customer Service Benefits for Mills Display Customers

We know how much customer service benefits mean to your business. This is why Mills Display prides itself on offering a professional and friendly service. We  have experts on hand who will go the extra mile for you. Our Retail Display products are designed to keep your business up and running. This means our customer service has to reflect just that. It’s our job to work alongside you so your retail displays, ticketing and pricing, and your fixtures, clips and hooks function at their best.

Mills Display NZ Customer Service 605x505

Customer Service Benefits of Mills Display

So here are the five points of difference you can expect when you come to Mills Display.

1. We’ll get straight back to you:

Because so many people research products online these days, it’s important to respond to inquiries straight away. Nothing’s worse than spending an hour researching exactly what you want to then have your request, order or question hanging around someone’s inbox for a day or two. At Mills Display, our target is to get back within one or two hours to confirm receipt of your email. Then find a solution to the request in less than 24 hours.

2. We’ll keep technology at our fingertips to help you find what you need:

A major upgrade over the past year has been the introduction of LiveChat to our website. With that, you can deal directly with our customer support and sales expert Lena Lautua. Customer feedback has been excellent. Especially from small business owners who say they can carry on serving customers or working while multitasking a request on LiveChat. That is something which certainly doesn’t work with a phone call, or from businesses who enjoy the personal touch of a direct conversation with Lena rather than a long email trail. We’ve also brought the inspiration of the showroom online through our blog and showroom tour video. This helps your online research.

3. We’ll provide the innovation and solutions you didn’t even know existed:

Another of our Customer Service Benefits at Mills Display is that the staff have the benefit of the business’s 30 years’ experience behind them. This means they have often seen or provided solutions to challenges which you haven’t thought of. Our catalogues are just the start when it comes to successful retail display solutions or practical uses for many of our fixtures products. Furthermore, because we have a fully comprehensive working knowledge of how our products can be used. That is why we can show you fresh ways to keep your business looking good and running smoothly.

4. We have the insider expertise to run smooth processes:

Whether we’re working alongside your in-house designer to create a bespoke, customised display product, or liaising with overseas suppliers and shipping companies to import products to meet your deadline, we will either use our own trusted processes or develop a relationship with you company to ensure projects run smoothly and efficiently. We have developed a national and international network of trusted suppliers and shipping companies. This ensures a ready supply of all our products. Moreover, we have a great in-house design and manufacturing team to help create customised products to give your business an edge.

5. We will follow through on all our decisions and requests:

Because even the smallest fixture and fitting can make all the difference to your business, we know how important any inquiry, order or question can be. That’s why will always follow through on any contact; why we’ll always work hard to find solutions to your business challenges; why we’ll strive to design and create customised productsto suit your business needs; and why we’ll continue to introduce new and innovative products which help your business thrive. Those are only a few of our Customer Service Benefits at Mills Display.

For more inspiration about Mills Display’s range of products and to enjoy our excellent customer service, download a catalogue, email us or talk to one of our salespeople on Live Chat.

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Do not forget you can also Live Chat in real time to Customer Services with any questions.

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Retail Display Trends and how they can help your business grow

All the major areas of growth in retail seem to involve high-tech gadgetry, big data analytics and customised personal sales. At Mills Display we believe there’s still a high demand for good, basic bricks-and-mortar display in the New Zealand market. What’s more, many of the new retail display trends and innovations are creating extra emphasis on how you store is fitted out and planned. It’s a case not of letting new technologies bury the old-style of retail display trends.

retail display trends

However, traditional store design can adapt and grow to accommodate a new generation of customers and new methods of selling products. Globally, the pace of retail display trends development is gathering speed all the time. This seemed out of the realm of possibility even 12 months ago is likely to become the norm during 2016.

New Zealand is generally slower to adopt some of the more futuristic retail trends. However, we’re likely to see a large change in the way our stores do business. Also, our customers hunt out merchandise over the near future.

So here are three new retail display trends and innovations which have been a global highlight in 2016. Mills Display can help your business adopt them and make them a success. Wearable technology and the Internet of Things 2016 will likely see a huge growth in wearable technology; mostly glasses and watches.

Also, what the gimmick of the last couple of years is likely to become more mainstream. One of the key areas where wearable technology and the Internet of Things (homes, devices, appliances, vehicles and buildings embedded with WiFi-connected technology) is likely to make a real difference is in the world of retail display trends.

New Retail Display Trends you should adapt to

As this article predicted last year, imagine a person carrying or wearing a WiFi connected device walking past three shops each day on their way to work. A mix of that person’s own technology and technology owned by each of the stores. The stores will soon be able to record and “learn” that person’s regular route. They are able to use this data is able to send real-time deals to the wearer; just as they are approaching the business. Also, potentially customising those offers to that person’s likes and dislikes.

Impact on future shopping behavior

The impact is still a futuristic scenario. However, the growth in wearables and the collection of data makes it very much a near-future experience. Retail businesses need to be able to foresee how their shops will have to change to serve this new brand of customer. From a retail display trends point of view, shops will need to create new areas of display. They will signage to reflect the fact that wearable technology is guiding customers to products.

Yes, aisles and point of sale displays will still be important for regular shoppers. However, this new generation of customers will have products “displayed” virtually. So, stores will require more backroom storage and “drop-points” within the store where merchandise can be picked up.

retail display trends

Retail Display Trends – Showrooming Techniques

The days of thinking that mobile devices and online shopping sounded the death-knell for bricks-and-mortar businesses are long gone. Plenty of businesses which originated as virtual stores have now learnt the benefit of a High St presence. Whether that’s a flagship store where their products can have the spotlight shone on them, or in showrooming stores where customers can try out products before, potentially, buying online.

The importance of showrooming is that it requires a slightly different appreciation of displaying a product. They need more emphasis on signage and information. Furthermore, security devices attached to loose items to avoid theft are important.

There’s obviously less emphasis on point of sale displays because that’s not the sole aim of the store. Instead fixtures and fittings are likely connected with Beacon technology. This “learns” how long a potential customer spent browsing a certain category of product. Therefore it is then able to connect with them later in the day via email to supply further information about special offers or new and related products.

retail display trends

Retail Display Trends – Personalisation is the key…

Being a generally friendly and open country, New Zealand already excels at many forms of customer interaction.

However, the amount of data to share about ourselves (regardless of how we might think of it) has increased dramatically over recent years. 2016 is likely to see a further increase in the amount of personal details shoppers. There are handed over to retailers in a bid to receive a more customised, personal service. Loyalty programmes which understand frequent purchases, buying behaviour, time-poor customers – even birthdays – allow retailers to tailor the way they approach or serve specific shoppers. They also improve the overall customer experience. And there’s always the opportunity to cross or upsell when you understand you customers’ needs.

In terms of display, this personalisation of the customer experience requires clear signage and information points. It also requires fitting out your store to allow types of customer (for example those who want to browse as opposed to those who have little time to shop) different zones. There’s also potential to mix products on retail shelving or in display cabinets according to personas which you’ve identified.

Contact Mills Display to find out more

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Mills Display Catalogues – First Help for Sourcing Display Solutions

From the basics like product display hooks and poster displays to more task-specific items like food presentation and point-of-sale queue control. You can trust Mills Display Catalogues fully. We have exactly what you want when you need it.

contact mills display nz

But keeping your business running requires more than just the peace of mind. It goes along with knowing that you can find all your retail display solutions in one place. It’s just as much about having an experienced team working alongside you to create innovative and successful solutions that help drive your business forward.

Ask for Mills Display Customer Service

With nearly three decades under our belts at Mills Display, we’ve learnt a great deal about what our customers expect and require from us. Moreover, we’re confident that we can deliver great customer service. And because our commitment to customer service is reflected in how we do business with our own suppliers, you can trust a seamless supply chain throughout the process of ordering, manufacturing and delivering your retail display products.

We’ve invested in a direct-to-customer retail showroom in the Auckland suburb of Penrose, as well as the ability to live chat with one of our sales team via the website so you can talk through your requirements. And you know we’ll go the extra mile to ensure that you source and receive what you need – from wherever in the world it needs to come – swiftly and efficiently. We know that good customer service drives efficiency and the relationships which spring from trusted business partnerships can drive product and business development – so feel free to talk directly to us about practical or supply issues and we can custom-deliver a successful solution.

Mills Display Experience and innovation

Thousands of New Zealand businesses return to Mills Display time after time because they understand that as well as the catalogues full of retail display solutions, our 30 years of business reflects a history of problem-solving throughout a range of retail situations. Whether it’s a nationwide rollout of point-of-sale displays, fitting out a new or concept store, or understanding how our range of existing products can solve our customers’ specific display issues, our team has the smarts to know what can work for you. Just because you have our catalogues at your fingertips, doesn’t mean you necessarily know all the insider secrets about making the most of them – but our in-house experts do and will work alongside you to find the perfect combination to meet your business needs.

mills display catalogues

Mills Display Product Sourcing and Professional Networks

As well as knowing that we can source everything listed in our retail display catalogues – it’s important for Mills Display to build and maintain a trusted network of suppliers around the world, including Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States. It’s important to your cashflow – especially if you are a small or medium-sized business – not to have to keep large inventories of display-related stock so Mills Display has large warehousing capabilities, a national supply and distribution network and a tried-and-tested international freight process to ensure that we can turn around your request in time to keep your business rolling.

Mills Display Customised Creativity

Whether you want branded, bespoke display products or specific products made to measure for your business, Mills Display has a history of designing and creating a range of customised solutions. And because we have invested heavily in keeping our manufacturing systems up-to-date, we have the capability to custom-design and build innovative site and task-specific retail displays which involves screen or digital printing, injection molding, plastic fabrication or wire and metalwork.

Contact us for more information about Mills Display Catalogues

If you have a specific challenge that you don’t think can be met by simply ordering direct from our catalogue, contact Mills Display via email, call us on 09 634 5962 or talk to one of our experts on Live Chat via the website. Follow us on Facebook and Google My Business for our latest products and NZ Retail updates. Also, take a look at our 8 innovative retail merchandise display ideas for you.

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