Bulk Foods Display

Bulk Foods Display (12)

Bulk food display systems are getting more popular for any bulk and free-flowing foods. Check our range of eye catching bulk food display systems and accessories to make your shelves more attractive!

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  • Gravity Bin 8L Black

    • Perfect for any free-flowing food used • Easy to clean and install • Moderate flowing rate control to reduce food waste and spillage • Also available in different sizes • Dimensions: 460x280x100mm (HxDxW) (18"x11"x4") • Volume: 8L (2gal.) • Colour: Black
  • Gravity Bin 13L Black

    • Multi-setting flow control reduces food waste and spillage • Shoppers can pick and mix the exact quantity • Guarantees ‘first in first out’ stock rotation • Also available in smaller sizes • Dimensions: 460x280x150mm (HxDxW) • Volume: 13L (3.5gal.) • Colour: Black
  • Scoop Bin 12L Clear

    • Ideal for storing "hard to flow" products • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe (up to 130°F/54°C) • Tight door seal for freshness and protection • Scoop(Clear) and tether(Clear) included: Handy to use and prevent theft or loss • Dimensions: 330x330x200mm (HxDxW) (13"x13"x8") • Volume: 12L (3.25gal.) • Colour: Clear
  • Scoop Bin 17L Clear

    • A great addition to grocery stores • Customers will love mixing up different items into a bag • Easy to clean with warm water and dish soap • Dimensions: 330x430x200mm (HxDxW) (13"x17"x8") • Paired with Scoop (Clear) and tether (Clear) • Capacity: 17L (4.5gal.) • Colour: Clear • Also available in different sizes
  • Scoop Bin 18L Clear

    • A clean, uninterrupted showcase of food products • The front door opens for customer access • The top has a hinged door to allow for employees to refill • Matching scoop(grey) and tether(grey) provided • Dimensions: 330x330x300mm (HxDxW) (13"x13"x12") • Capacity: 18L (4.75gal.) • Colour: Clear
  • Scoop Bin 27L Clear

    • Large volume: Holds up to 27L of dry goods • Your shelves will always look uniform • Scoop with a recessed holster for convenience • Scoop(clear) and coil(clear) included • Both doors close tightly to prevent contamination of food products • Dimensions: 330x430x300mm (HxDxW) (13"x17"x12") • Capacity: 27L (7gal.) • Colour: Clear • Also available in smaller sizes
  • Inversion Bin for Spices 1.77L Clear

    • Easy to use (Select-shake-dispense) • Ideal for bulk spices, seasonings, toppings and powders • Measure the exact amount that you want: scales on the spout's chamber • Self-closing air-tight seals: Keep the freshness and reduce contaminations • Dimensions: 130x160x200mm (WxHxD) (5.125"x6.25"x8") • Capacity: 7.5 cups (60fl.oz) • Graduation interval: 1 US tsp (1-8 US tsp or 5-40 ml in equivalence) • Discolouration or stain might happen with Cardamom, Chili Powder, Cayenne, Mace, Nutmeg, Turmeric, Paprika • Not suitable for Bay leaf, Cinamon sticks and other voluminous spices • Do not recommend for ground Clove
  • Gravity Bin “Egg Crate” Spill Tray Grid Black

    • Efficiently catches all the products falling from the Gravity Bins • Keep the shelves and floors tidy and clean • Highly versatile, easy to install • Made-to-last, durable plastic • Dimensions: 610x155x10mm (LxWxH) (24"x6"x0.4") • Colour: Black
  • Scoop Bin Scoop 10oz/280g Grey

    • Replacement scoop for the scoop bins • Easy to attach: hanging hole on end of the handle • Capacity: 10 Oz/280G • Colour: Grey • Tether not included
  • Scoop Bin Tongs 150mm Grey

    • A great alternative for scoops • Ideal for larger dry fruits chunks, worm gummies, sour straws, etc. • Fits in the scoop holder • Use a tether to connect to the Scoop bins, holes on the end • Use for grabbing small treats from scoop bin • Keep dirty hands from touching all the food • High-quality tongs for scoop bins, easy to handle • Length: 150mm • Colour: Grey • Tether not included
  • Scoop Bin Tether Clear

    • Flexible and long-lasting material • Keeps scoop with the correct bin • Helps to prevent loss or theft of scoops • Easy to attached to scoop and bin • Colour: Clear • Also available in grey
  • Scoop Bin Tether Grey

    • Quickly attach the scoop to the bin • No more misplaced scoop • Coiled, snap tether for use with scoop bins only • Colour: Grey • Also available in clear colour