How Retail Shelf Dividers management can boost your sales.

Retail Shelf Dividers

From angle front scanstrips to shelf dividers, Mills Display has a range of retail shelving options.

Effective shelf management techniques help you maximise your sales per linear metre, drive customer traffic to stores and give you a competitive advantage.

Shelf management in retail includes correct inventory management, clever visual merchandising strategies and having the right retail accessories to achieve this.

Shelf management techniques aim to create a good retail experience for customers which helps to boosts sales. It works in several ways.

Strategic segmentation of products.

By grouping your products into categories, you are making them easier for customers to find.

In addition to arranging products by category, consider segmenting the different brands offering the same product on a specific criterion.

For example, if you were to divide and arrange the different brands of kitchen towels into ‘economy’ and ‘premium’ sections, it helps customers decide much quicker.

You can use shelf dividers to make those boundaries.

Shelf dividers do an excellent job of segregating a long shelf into different sections and keeping grouped products together.

Some retailers use colour coded price labels set on angle front scanstrips to indicate ‘economy’ and ‘premium’ items.

Without this segmentation, your customers would have to go through all the different brands just to figure out which one is the most cost-effective.

We have a range of black acrylic dividers for this use.

Our black L-shaped dividers are ideal for use in supermarket deli cabinets as well as a range of other applications.

These can either be loose or attached with magnetic tape or foam tape.

Choose from our range of 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm or 900mm lengths.

At Mills Display, we can also cut these to specific lengths for you.

We also have parsley retail shelf dividers for butchers, delis and other frozen and fresh food departments. They are 750mm long.

Efficient inventory management.

Having full retail shelves prompts customers to buy more.

With a shelf management system, your store is kept well stocked.

If any category is running low on a product, your employees will notice right away and replenish stock.

This saves you from having a dissatisfied customer leave your store without getting what they came for.

Better inventory management also cuts down on the costs you may otherwise incur to replace expired stock.

Shelf front risers, custom dividers and other retail shelf management hardware helps to keep your older stock at the front.

For instance, these clear front risers allow product to be stacked in the front of the shelf but not fall off.

We have a range of Front Riser L-Shape sizes, from 30mm high to 60mm high, which come with a range of magnetic or standard tapes.

These are also a great earthquake-safe shelving option.

Optimised product placement.

A shelf management system optimises product placement.

For instance, it has been noted that those products placed at eye level are better sellers than those that are placed at the very top or bottom.

So, placing brands that give you a better margin at eye level gets them noticed quicker and they are more likely to sell.

There are other options too, so speak to us about custom shelving.

We have made customised cupcake stands in clear acrylic, as well as many clear differently sized dividers.

Better merchandising.

Despite coming to the store armed with a list, the shopping experience at your store has a big impact on what and how much your customers buy.

Make sure your scanstrip is clear and easy to read.

We have a wide selection of scanstrip products to choose from, with black and clear scanstrips available in a variety of sizes and mounting options.

Get in touch with Mills Display for your shelf management solutions.

Shelf management is there to provide customers with a good shopping experience.

If customers can find what they are looking for easily, they are more likely to leave happy and return in the future.

Products like shelf dividers, shelf front risers and merchandising boxes are small items that make a big impact on your customer’s shopping experience.

Keeping all your products neat and organised makes it easier for customers.

Your customers will quickly find and buy the products that they need.

Retail scanstrips and various data strip display mounts give them the details they need without having to pick up and analyse the product itself.

Whether you’re a large retailer or have a small business, these small measures let your customers know that you care about their needs.

And effective shelf management steps like these play an important role in improving your sales.

Experts at retail solutions, Mills Display has a comprehensive range to upgrade the customer experience that you offer.

Contact us today to see how we can help your store sell more.

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