Lit Loc Brochure Holders

Lit Loc Brochure Holders (10)

Discover our versatile selection of modular Lit Loc brochure holders, designed for repeated use in showcasing brochures, pamphlets, menus, or magazines within your store. Made in New Zealand, Lit Loc holders cleverly interlock, enabling you to create a virtually limitless array of sizes and layouts. With the convenience of an aluminium mounting bracket, they can be quickly and easily affixed to a wall or slatwall, ensuring a simple display solution that adapts to your specific needs. Enhance your presentation and organization with Lit Loc holders, the sustainable choice for displaying your printed materials with ease and style.

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  • DLE Brochure Holder Lit Loc

    • Can be reused for all sorts of different pamphlets, leaflets, brochures for all different occasions • Completely transparent • Can be linked to another brochure holder side by side or front to back • Wall mounting or freestanding • Matching slat wall mounting bar, aluminium wall bar and clip-on bases are available, sold separately • Dimensions: 110 x 202 x 32mm • Also available in A4 and A5
  • A5 Brochure Holder Lit Loc

    • Super versatile and durable • Freestanding with clip-on bases (available, sold separately) or wall mounting with aluminium brackets (available for walls and slat walls, sold separately) • Easy to assemble • Link them together side by side or front to back • Quick to create multi-width or multi-tier displays • Dimensions: 160 x 202 x 32mm • Also available in A4 and DL
  • A4 Modular Brochure Holder Lit Loc

    • Perfect for reception areas and waiting rooms • Mount holders side by side or front to back to extend storage • Can be mounted to the wall by using the aluminium wall bar or slat wall mounting bar • Freestanding with clip-on bases • Dimensions: 224 x 285 x 32mm • Also available in A4 and DL sizes
  • Brochure Holder Kit (12 x A4)

    • Get your brochure holders as a kit • 12 x A4 size brochure holders • 4 Tier x 3 Wide Lit Loc Wall Mount • Lightweight • Dimensions: 672 x 743 x 118mm
  • Clip On Base for Lit Loc (Large)

    • Base for Lit Loc brochure holders • Base support for added stability • Durable crystal clear plastic • Dimensions: 100 x 22 x 180mm • Also available in small(100 x 22 x 88mm) size
  • Clip On Base for Lit Loc (Small)

    • The base for lit loc brochure holders • Use for wall mounting with four rows or more • Dimensions: 100 x 22 x 88mm • Also available in large (100 x 22 x 180mm) size
  • Wall Mounting Bracket 220mm

    • Aluminium wall mounting bracket for Lit Loc brochure holders • Dimensions: 220 x 40 x 9mm • Also available in 445mm and 895mm length or cut to size • Easy to assemble • Fixing holes drilled on request • Suitable for one A4 brochure holder or two DLE brochure holders
  • Wall Mounting Bracket 445mm

    • Quick & easy to assemble • Use with Lit Loc brochure holders • Length 445mm • Also available in 895mm length
  • Wall Mounting Bracket 895mm

    • Aluminium wall mounting bracket for brochure holders • Dimensions: 895 x 40 x 9mm • Easy and quick installation • Lengths customizable and screw fixing holes drilled upon request • Suitable for four A4 brochure holders or eight DLE brochure holders • Also available in 220mm and 445mm length
  • Slatwall Mounting Bracket 1200mm

    • Used on slat wall • Dimensions: 1200 x 26 x 11mm • Manufactured from durable aluminium • Quick and easy to assemble and install • Designed for Lit Loc brochure holders