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Why shopping trolleys are a retail store essential.

Mills Display Retail Trends and Tips

Shopping trolleys make your customers have a much better shopping experience. Mills Display supply 150 litres and 125 litres shopping basket trolleys.

The convenience of shopping trolleys is undeniable.

Customers can fill it to the brim and still be able to wheel it comfortably to the checkout counter.

Your child is seated safely as you go from aisle to aisle with no risk of them running amok.

They were designed to make our lives easier and have become an essential component of the modern shopping experience.

With competition high and little chance for differentiation, retailers are doing all they can to enhance the customer experience.

Shopping trolleys were invented to give your store a commercial edge.

Sylvan Goldman realised that his customers were only buying what they could carry.

So, to help them buy more and do so easily, he designed shopping trolleys.

With these trolleys, they didn’t have to stop when their baskets got heavy, they could toss in whatever they liked and wheel the load around effortlessly.

This encouraged them to buy more from his store, and trolleys will do the same for your retail outlet.

They encourage customers to stay longer.

Thanks to the ease of being able to wheel their weekly groceries and shopping around, customers are more likely to take their time and browse through all the aisles.

If they were to carry a heavy shopping basket, they would think about leaving as soon as they got the essentials rather than carry a heavy basket around a large store.

They make customers buy more.

The bigger the trolley, the more likely it is that customers will fill it with more products.

A few items in a large trolley gives them the confidence to buy ‘just a few more things.’

According to marketing consultant Martin Lindstrom, an experiment in which the size of shopping trolleys was doubled resulted in consumers buying 40% more.

The more things they buy, the more business you do.

They are convenient for parents.

The built-in seat for toddlers and very young children makes things much easier for parents.

There are even trolleys that are designed with straps that can be fastened by a velcro shopping trolley belt or buckles to enhance safety.

Thanks to this feature, parents can take their time to go through their shopping list slowly and get everything they need.

They don’t have to worry about carrying or keeping watch on a wandering child all through the store.

The peace of mind this offers makes shopping trips more enjoyable and fruitful for parents.

They are difficult to take off the property.

Shopping baskets are often taken home by absentminded customers.

On the other hand, although you can wheel shopping trolleys to your car to unload them, they are much harder for a distracted customer to fit in their car and take home accidentally.

There are several measures that establishments can take to prevent them from being wheeled off their property on purpose as well.

<H2>They make it easier to buy heavy or bulky products

Having to lug around a heavy bag of dog food or an appliance is a deterrent to buying it in-store.

Customers would rather have the store deliver these products, which puts pressure on the store’s resources.

But with a shopping trolley, it’s quite simple to stash these bags at the bottom and still be able to buy everything else on your shopping list.

You can wheel it all the way out to your car to transfer it. This makes the entire process much simpler.

Shopping trolleys are versatile.

Shopping trolleys are not restricted to supermarkets alone, they can be used in large electronics stores, hardware stores, gardening centres and almost any retail environment.

They are designed to be durable and are available in different sizes to suit different needs.

In smaller stores, compact shopping trolleys with two basket tiers can hold everything you need. In larger stores, they can be much bigger.

They offer space for advertising.

You can use the sides of a shopping trolley as advertising space for one of your offers or for one of the products that you sell.

You could also have them emblazoned in your store’s colours and have your logo included in the design. This works well for branding.

Provides a better shopping experience.

Shopping trolleys make it easier to navigate large stores and makes the experience much less tiring.

Also, having their child seated in the trolley right under the parent’s nose allows children to participate in the shopping experience.

Sitting at that level allows them a good view of the shelves and enables easy conversation with the adult.

This helps to keep them engaged until the end of the shopping trip.

Durable and long lasting.

Given that you make some arrangements to prevent trolleys from being wheeled off your property, these can last you for years.

They are durable thanks to sturdy construction and great for reuse.

They are low maintenance as they can be cleaned easily through the years.

Great for the elderly and handicap customers.

Shopping trolleys give the elderly or people with less physical ability more autonomy.

Let us provide you the best shopping trolleys for your needs

Mills Display specialises in retail solutions and has a whopping inventory of 3000+ products to provide you with a range of retail solutions.

Shopping trolleys are just one of these products. You can choose between the designs they offer depending on what suits your store best.

Mills give you three options for shopping trolleys. These can be branded to suit your shop, just contact us to find out how.

Shopping basket trolley.

This has two tiers that hold 20 litres or 26 litres baskets. This is ideal for convenience stores, liquor stores, or shops with smaller aisles.

They have high-quality castors and we can also you the plastic shopping baskets if required.

Euro-style shopping trolley 150 litres.

This heavy duty 150L shopping trolley has black trim and baby seat. It’s easy to manoeuvre and robust in design.

Euro-style shopping trolley 125 litres.

This shopping trolley is 125 litres and have black trim. It has silent wheels, an ergonomic handle, and corner bumper to protect against collision damage.

Contact us on or +64 9 634 5962 to discuss which option suits your needs best.

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