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Retail Collapsible Dump Bins Ideal For Retailers. Find out more…

Mills Display Retail Trends and Tips

Collapsible Dump Bins are a great way to sell more product to customers. Choose from metal or timber dump bins for retail outlets.

A retail dump bin is an excellent point of purchase display tool used by most retailers to draw their shoppers’ attention to specific products.

These Collapsible Dump Bins stand out from conventional shelf displays.

Perfect to encourage impulse buys from customers as our dump bins, generally hold value-for-money products.

It’s common for shoppers to go to the store with a list of what they need to get.

But their in-store shopping experience and the store’s product arrangement influences what they leave with.

For instance, cross-merchandising often reminds shoppers of small products they may have forgotten to add to their list or attractive displays may tempt them to try new products.

Dump bins are a key way you can do both things and increase your sales.

What are dump bins used for?

Dump bins are hard to miss as they stand out from conventional shelving.

They draw your shoppers’ attention to the products you fill into them and several bins can be placed throughout the store.

Because these are generally used to hold discounted products, they encourage impulse buying.

Retailers frequently use dump bins to showcase products that they have excess stock of.

While dump bins direct attention to these products, discounted prices encourage shoppers to add them to their baskets.

Dump bins save retailers precious shelf space.

Everyone likes a good value-for-money buy and retailers can add more than one product together in these bins as combo packs.

Dump bins are ideal for cross-merchandising because they can be placed at the end of aisles.

So, for example, they can hold brushes or hair ties at the end of the hair product aisle or loofahs at the end of the toiletries.

Shoppers may add these to their baskets as these kinds of products are utilitarian and you can have more than one at home.

Since dump bins are great at drawing people’s attention, it’s a good idea to use them for special offers and seasonal products.

For instance, arranging strawberries that are in season at a prominent spot in a rustic wooden bin will help them get sold much quicker.

Dump bins for retail stores are available from Mills Display in both plastic-coated wire frames and wooden options.

Best place for collapsible dump bins.

Display bins are generally placed throughout the store.

They should be large enough to hold enough quantity of the product you want to sell.

They also need to be positioned in such a way that they don’t inconvenience your shoppers as they navigate the aisles with their shopping carts, but still slow them down.

As soon as a customer slows down, they are more likely to buy the product, which is why dump bins should be a convenient inconvenience.

Dump bins can be placed at either end of the aisle.

It is quite common to have dump bins holding the same products set up at multiple points throughout the store.

This way, even if shoppers didn’t give in to picking up a product the first or the second time, they are quite likely to consider picking it up the third time that they see it.

Dump baskets are also commonly positioned around checkout counters.

This ensures high visibility for the products they hold because they are in view of a captive audience waiting in line to pay their bills.

This is where a lot of impulse buying happens.

Shoppers are reminded to buy small products like batteries or magazines.

It could even just be because they have a few minutes before their purchases are scanned, and the products are too tempting not to buy.

What can dump bins be used for?

Dump bins can be used for several different products, from fresh produce to toys and everything in-between.

Our wooden display bins are great to give your display that rustic, wholesome charm that works very well with fresh produce.

The pallet bases of these wooden bins are forklift friendly, so these are easy to reposition around your store.

You can also store excess product in the hollow inner, making re-stocking at the end of the day easy.

You can add or remove layers to make these higher or lower. We also supply ticket holders for the dump bins, to keep prices visible.

We also have plastic- coated wire dump bins. These are easy to set up and make the products highly visible. They are collapsible with an adjustable shelf.

For all your retail visual communication needs.

The answers to all your retail display needs can be found here at Mills Display.

We have an extensive range of products that you can choose from, and a strong sales team who are experts in visual merchandising.

We can advise you on products that will take your retail display game to the next level.

Mills Display not only has a comprehensive range of 3000+ products but we also offer in-house manufacturing for customised products and prototyping.

With cleverly designed products for retail stores.

We have a range that will help you maximise sales. Contact us today and discuss which dump bins are right for you.

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