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The Top Three Ways to Redesign Your Store

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Your retail store design should focus on simplicity, connection, and creativity. It has never been harder to be in retail according to this Insider Retail article, reacting to globalisation and the growing importance of people born after 1990 is vital to making a success of your business.

The article pin-points trends for 2015 to help you understand the retail landscape a little more but also makes it very clear why it’s important to re-think existing retail spaces to accommodate different types of shoppers. So here’s our quick breakdown of a new generation for shopping and three ways you can react by redesigning your store.

retail store design

1. Simplicity – Redesign Retail Store For Simplicity

The prevalence of technology has overtaken, for many, the retail experience which means it’s now vital to offer well-designed stores in which your products are displayed in simple, relevant ways.

The design needs to offer functionality (for example well thought-through point-of-sale control), but it also has to engage the customer like never before – after all purchasers now like to think of themselves as a community, so think about your store as a destination not just a retail space. Gone are cluttered aisles and haphazard displays – your store needs to tell the story of your brand and guide the shopper around the products. 

2. Focus on Connection – Redesign Retail Store and Focus on Connection

According to the article, if you make your business “warm, welcoming and somewhere to “hang” – Generation C will be putty in your hands”. Gen C is the term for those born after 1990 and refers to “connectedness” as well as creation, curation, connection, and community.

Many articles foreseeing retail trends in 2015 have put Gen C at the heart of changes in retail store design and service and it seems vital that all retail spaces will have to embrace interactive technology and customisable displays. What’s equally obvious, though, is that these displays must still rely on clear signage and concise retail messages. 

3. Creativity – Redesign Retail Store using Creativity

With a greater connection to your store comes the customers’ desire to personalise their purchasing. Depending on your business this can be as major as finding a way for them to use the store as a source of information as well as purchases, to simply letting them mix and match their produce.

Re-fit Your Retail Store Design with Mills Display

Mills Display has experience of in-house bespoke fit-outs as well as a world-wide list of suppliers to suit all potential projects. So if you’re considering re-fitting your store to stay inline with the changing face of retail, we can provide a one-stop shop for all your design and display solutions – no matter how big or small. Whatever your query, contact us and we’ll come up with an answer.

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