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Case Study – POS Display Solutions for National Stores Upgrade

Mills Display NZ Case Study

When a large retail chain were looking to roll out an upgrade of its stores across New Zealand, it turned to the team at Mills Display for POS Display Solutions across the board. Our team was able to supply products which suited ticket pricing, displays throughout the stores, ceiling displays and merchandise at point of sale.

Importance of POS Display Solutions

Knowing how important it is to make a good impression at point of sale and how vital it is to be able to continue to merchandise stock throughout a customer’s experience in a store, the company contacted our team at our Auckland showroom at the initial planning stages of their countrywide store refit.

The company required specific point of sale products. They would fit their bays and would withstand the types of merchandise which they wanted to display. Our team were in constant contact with the company throughout the process of deciding the perfect dimensions for the products that were required.

In the end it took several types of point of sale products. Some of which had to be custom made to fit the look they decided on.

We worked out the dimensions together,” The account manager said “And that took being in constant contact with the customer. We were testing different types of products such as hooks, sleeves and other products to see what features would work.  Often once we’d put up one version, it wasn’t the right look for what the customer wanted to achieve. Sometimes the look was right but it didn’t turn out to be feasible.  This took trial and error to finally get the right point of sale products in there. The aim is always to suit the look the customer was wanting to achieve.

After these numerous trials, the company and Mills Display settled on the perfect solution for the rollout. The decided products made a bulk order and the rollout began.

Customer Relationship with Mills Display

This is our fourth or fifth time we have worked together with the company. This job being the most fulfilling of them all. We have built a relationship over time. Therefore they developed the confidence and trust for us to complete such a large scale task.

It was satisfying to be able to know we could deliver on what they ended up wanting. Maybe our customers first vision was not actually going to be feasible or viable cost wise or looks wise. But with our input and our constant contact we were able to go in there. Even though it took numerous trials we were still able to get the end result and gained customer satisfaction.

We have seen the end result on their rollout in store and it looks great. Mills Display has worked on so many different components with this rollout. It is great to see how we have managed to make everything consistent with the rest of the store.

If you are looking to upgrade or refit your store contact Mills Display to find the right custom solution or off-the-shelf products. Download a catalogueemail us or talk to one of our salespeople on Live Chat for more information. Also, take a look at our 8 innovative retail merchandise display ideas for you.

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