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Mills Display Catalogues – First Help for Sourcing Display Solutions

Mills Display Retail Trends and Tips

From the basics like product display hooks and poster displays to more task-specific items like food presentation and point-of-sale queue control. You can trust Mills Display Catalogues fully. We have exactly what you want when you need it.

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But keeping your business running requires more than just the peace of mind. It goes along with knowing that you can find all your retail display solutions in one place. It’s just as much about having an experienced team working alongside you to create innovative and successful solutions that help drive your business forward.

Ask for Mills Display Customer Service

With nearly three decades under our belts at Mills Display, we’ve learnt a great deal about what our customers expect and require from us. Moreover, we’re confident that we can deliver great customer service. And because our commitment to customer service is reflected in how we do business with our own suppliers, you can trust a seamless supply chain throughout the process of ordering, manufacturing and delivering your retail display products.

We’ve invested in a direct-to-customer retail showroom in the Auckland suburb of Penrose, as well as the ability to live chat with one of our sales team via the website so you can talk through your requirements. And you know we’ll go the extra mile to ensure that you source and receive what you need – from wherever in the world it needs to come – swiftly and efficiently. We know that good customer service drives efficiency and the relationships which spring from trusted business partnerships can drive product and business development – so feel free to talk directly to us about practical or supply issues and we can custom-deliver a successful solution.

Mills Display Experience and innovation

Thousands of New Zealand businesses return to Mills Display time after time because they understand that as well as the catalogues full of retail display solutions, our 30 years of business reflects a history of problem-solving throughout a range of retail situations. Whether it’s a nationwide rollout of point-of-sale displays, fitting out a new or concept store, or understanding how our range of existing products can solve our customers’ specific display issues, our team has the smarts to know what can work for you. Just because you have our catalogues at your fingertips, doesn’t mean you necessarily know all the insider secrets about making the most of them – but our in-house experts do and will work alongside you to find the perfect combination to meet your business needs.

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Mills Display Product Sourcing and Professional Networks

As well as knowing that we can source everything listed in our retail display catalogues – it’s important for Mills Display to build and maintain a trusted network of suppliers around the world, including Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States. It’s important to your cashflow – especially if you are a small or medium-sized business – not to have to keep large inventories of display-related stock so Mills Display has large warehousing capabilities, a national supply and distribution network and a tried-and-tested international freight process to ensure that we can turn around your request in time to keep your business rolling.

Mills Display Customised Creativity

Whether you want branded, bespoke display products or specific products made to measure for your business, Mills Display has a history of designing and creating a range of customised solutions. And because we have invested heavily in keeping our manufacturing systems up-to-date, we have the capability to custom-design and build innovative site and task-specific retail displays which involves screen or digital printing, injection molding, plastic fabrication or wire and metalwork.

Contact us for more information about Mills Display Catalogues

If you have a specific challenge that you don’t think can be met by simply ordering direct from our catalogue, contact Mills Display via email, call us on 09 634 5962 or talk to one of our experts on Live Chat via the website. Follow us on Facebook and Google My Business for our latest products and NZ Retail updates. Also, take a look at our 8 innovative retail merchandise display ideas for you.

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