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Inspiration for your Deli and Bakery Displays


Bored with the same-old, same-old? We’ve got some ideas to spark up your food presentation skills in bakery and deli displays.

Got a selection of lush salads, cured meat, cheese, deli goods, and bakery items? You need to make them look so good, no-one can resist buying them. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to make yummy food look great, and most Kiwis are a sucker for some treats. Whether it’s some fancy cheese or a no-effort dinner of a rotisserie chicken, bread rolls, and some deli salads, you can make your deli and bakery display solutions inspiring and mouth-watering.

Be Decadent with Cake Stands

Cake stands can introduce height to displays, they can be used with cake covers, and they are not only for cakes. Almost anything will look lush when styled nicely on a cake stand, whether its cheese, dessert, or deli meats.


There are a few different ways to do this. Try:

And don’t forget the cake stand cover to protect against sneezes and to add a touch of elegance.

Add a Flourish of Green

To break up a display of things that are the same colour or texture, some fresh green plants can really liven up a display. Of course, real plants aren’t necessarily safe or hygienic, so you need some fronds you can throw in the dishwasher or wash with bleach.


From grapes to lettuce leaves, box hedges to the classic parsley sprigs, it can really elevate a display.

Use Height

Any designer, whether it’s for architecture or a website, knows that the use of height and space is vital to create a pleasing aesthetic. Sometimes, it’s great to have pastries piled up into some kind of lush mountain, other times, it’s great to have a regular and orderly look. Not only do height differences create visual appeal, but it’s also highly functional, so customers can easily see everything. It’s also simple economics; retail space is expensive, make the best use of it.


We have a selection of risers to choose from. From 40mm high, 80mm high, 120mm high, or in three-step sets.

Natural and Rustic Displays

While this doesn’t work for everyone, a beautiful natural affect can look really enticing- especially in a bakery department.


Our range of wicker baskets in NZ are food safe, super hygienic, and look fantastic.

Vary the Surface of the Chopping Board, Plate, or Tray

There are so many different options for displaying food on a plate or tray. It’s not just plain white plates and bowls (although they can be super effective in making the food the star of the show).

Timber, coloured, and different sized plates, bowls, and platters really spice up tired displays.


Things to Think About When Displaying Food

You also need to meet various food compliance laws, and ensure that veg and non-veg are well separated; same for pork and non-pork items. As NZ becomes increasingly diverse, both in culture and how we eat, this needs to be recognised in the variety of food, and how it’s displayed.

For example, dropping a pork or beef item on a vegetarian dish renders it inedible for vegetarians, vegans, Muslims and Jews (no pork), and Hindus (no beef). A dairy-based sauce dripped on a dairy free item can spell havoc for the stomach of someone allergic to milk. Or, gluten-containing items snuggled up to, say, macarons, renders them inedible to someone with coeliac disease.

Managing these risks happens in a variety of ways. Think about:

  • Not topping up salad bowls while in the serving area
  • Having easy to clean bowls and plates with no crevices for food to get stuck into
  • Having barriers between bowls or plates so items don’t mix

You can totally do this in a beautiful way and make your food displays look incredible.

Labelling Laws in NZ

A retail food item doesn’t need a label if it doesn’t have a package, is made on premises, and is packaged up in front of the customer. Essentially, this means most delis and bakeries in NZ. What you must do, however, is display any health and safety information, and make relevant product information available to the customer.

This information could include:

  • Allergens
  • Best before information
  • Date it was baked/ created
  • Advisories or warnings
  • Religious or dietary choice information

This means that you need a way to display food information in an attractive way that doesn’t interfere with the display, or adds to the charm of the display. This could include:

The label holder must be appropriate for the item, for example a chalkboard isn’t appropriate in a refrigerator. It also must be easy to clean to meet commercial standards.

Create Deli and Bakery Displays with Swag

If you want to make an impact with your customers, you have to up your game. At Mills, we’ve got years of experience in the industry, combining technical skills and functionality with modern design trends and flair. Contact us for advice, ideas, and products that can turn your ho-hum displays into hype


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