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Poster Display Ideas That Will Improve Your Sales

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Who learns about the benefits of a product or if a new exciting product has been released, unless you tell them?

Poster displays are one of the best forms of in-store marketing. They are right in front of your target audience at the right time. After all, what’s the best time to market a product when people are shopping for it, looking at the display of the product?

Why Have In-Store Poster Displays?

Time is scarce, most decisions are made fast without any real thought or research, and customers are fickle.

Products have three seconds to catch the eye of potential customers. 30,000 new products are released every year, and 95% of them fail. People spend a maximum of 90 seconds looking at a product, reading only eight lines of writing the entire time they are in the store.

Visual stimuli in a store is vitally important for marketing purposes. Not only do you already have a soft sell, with someone in the store, but they are ready to spend money. They are primed to buy a product, and you need to take advantage of it.

How to Improve Your In-Store Poster Displays

You need to catch the customer’s eye and draw them in to pick the product up. Once that’s done, the battle is won – once they have touched the product, they are far more likely to buy it. So, how can in-store poster displays be super effective?

Use Colour

About 75% of purchase decisions are based purely on colour. That’s right, people don’t read anything, or engage their brains, they think ‘oh nice colour’ and buy the product. How can you use this to your advantage?

  • Use one colour in various gradients
  • Use two bold opposing tones, like yellow and purple
  • We know green is natural, and purple is royalty. What are your colours saying about your product?
  • If your product wants to be the Next Big Thing, the colour needs to be on trend

Have a Glorious Product Image

When you’re at the supermarket, shopping for dinner, and hungry, an attractive image of a meal is going to make you buy that product.

Having a fantastic product photo might be enough to draw that customer in and get them to put that product it in their cart.

Stock Photography Sucks

There are some stock photo models that are so familiar, they could go in a family photo album. Don’t be the business that uses straight stock photos without making them your own.

Don’t Be Scared of Empty Space

Empty space isn’t an enemy. Use space as part of the design, ensure everything is easy to see in that three second glance, and avoid clutter and confusion.

Immerse Your Customer in The Product

Make an evocative poster to take the customer to where you want them to be. Maybe your customer is wanting to buy a new swimsuit, having a photo of that swimsuit on the beach, or surfing, or sunbathing, is going to help tip the scales and get them to buy it.

Give a Clear Call to Action

While CTA’s are more commonly spoken about in terms of the internet, they are effective on posters too. Telling people what you want them to do next is incredibly effective. ‘Try this today’ is a simple option, or maybe mix up the action with the USP, like ‘Buy the comfiest top you’ll ever wear’.

Get it On Social Media

If you make the poster interesting or interactive, people will take a photo and put it on their social media. This increases your reach hugely, is free, and will target your intended audience.

Keep the Display Solution Flexible, Easy to Use, and Attractive

The hardware you use to display the product is important. It should be portable, be able to be used portrait or landscape, and allow flexibility with placement. How these posters are displayed makes a huge difference to how consumers perceive them. At Mills Display, we have a wide selection to choose from.

If you want poster display ideas, contact us. We have a huge range of products in different styles, sizes, and for a variety of different scenarios. While the design of poster is up to you, we can make sure it’s seen in the right place, at the right time.


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