Health and safety signs and other products to keep your business compliant.

Health and safety signs should be a priority of any business. It keeps your staff safe, your customers safe, and ensures OSH compliance.

Adhering to health and safety rules helps your staff and your customers to remain safe.

Mills Display stock a range of health and safety signs and products.

Looking after people on site is important, not just to avoid serious harm. If staff injure themselves, it results in time off work to recover, which can result in a drop in productivity.

Caution wet floor health and safety signs.

This is a standard foldable wet floor sign that is required in any space where the general public might encounter wet floors.

From supermarkets that have spills, to office corridors that are being mopped while people are in the building. These signs alert people that the floor will be slippery.

Slips, trips and falls are the leading cause of injury in NZ, and this is one way to protect your workforce and customers from risk of harm.

Wet Floor Board Yellow

This sign is 640mm tall and 320mm wide and folds away flat. This is ideal for cleaners who may carry it in their vans or businesses with small cleaning cupboards.

Anti fatigue mats.

If you have staff that stand for long periods of time on hard, cold concrete or tiled floors, these anti-fatigue mats offer relief for their legs and back.

The addition of a rubber mat underfoot helps to avoid aching legs and feet after hours of standing on the factory, checkout or shop floor.

These mats make life more comfortable for your staff, and happier staff are more productive with fewer injuries.

This 910mm x 1520mm fatigue mat has holes in it so it’s great for areas where the floor may get wet, as it allows drainage.

This could include refrigerated areas, laboratory or factory floors. It has bevelled edges to minimise trip hazards.

Checkout Mat

This 900mm x 1200 mm safety mat has rubber bubbles which make it non-slip, as well as bevelled edges so that no-one trips on the edges of the mat.

This one is perfect for checkout and serving areas.

This smart anti-fatigue mat is 700mm x 900mm and is suitable for areas that need a more professional look.

It still offers the cushioning that the other rubber mats do, and provides the support needed to alleviate aching legs and feet.

Anti slip yellow safety step.

This safety step provides the extra height needed to safely and easily stock shelves in retail and warehouses.

It’s that extra little bit of height you need to easily reach higher shelves or awkward places without the need to reach and twist uncomfortably.

It has non slip feet so once you step on it, it’s firm and secure.

We also stock a rolling mstep that will roll until you step on it, at which time it locks firmly on the ground.

anti slip safety step

This step has anti-slip step pads on the top and on the side steps. It’s bright yellow so it’s highly visible and people are less likely to trip over it.

This step is 500mm x 500mm wide and 360mm high. It can support up to 120kg, enough to easily take the average person and whatever they are carrying.

Wall mounted retractable belt.

To easily cordon off aisles, doorways or alleyways. This wall mounted retractable belt secures on one wall and is stored unnoticeably out of the way until you need to use it.

This means it is located out of the way and not a trip hazard in itself.

While machinery is operating or the space isn’t safe, the yellow-and-black striped belt can be easily pulled out and cordons off the no-go area.

Wall Mount Retractable Barrier Belts

It comes in 5m or 3m lengths and can be attached by screw, magnet, or double sided tape.

Its quick and easy installation makes it an immediate solution for a space that has permanent needs for temporary blocking.

Moveable barrier posts with black belt.

For retail or other spaces where crowds occur. These stainless steel barrier posts are an easy queue control solution.

Having orderly queues helps to decrease customer wait times and increases efficiency of your staff.

They simply can be rolled or carried into place and then the 2m retractable belt slides out for a visible way to direct people into place.

Airports, retail stores, malls and entertainment venues find use in these 900m tall barrier posts.

Stainless Steel Barrier Post Black Belt (1Post&Belt)

We also supply red and blue belts, just ask for prices.

Mills Display for your health and safety signs.

We stock a wide range of products, including health and safety signs, safety steps, wet floor signs and barrier posts.

Mills Display can help you meet your health and safety requirements and regulations.

Contact our Sales Team to speak about health and safety signs, or if we can help you with any other products.

Email us on or give us a call on +64 9 634 5962.

You can message or LiveChat via the website or call us on 09 634 5962 or visit our showroom.

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Also, take a look at our 8 innovative retail merchandise display ideas for you.

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Use dunnage racks for efficient storage and protection.

Dunnage racks offer a more flexible storage rack solution than other more bulky options like plastic pallets.

Dunnage storage racks primarily protect products from moisture, dirt and other damage that could occur if they were stored directly on the floor.

Quality plastic dunnage racks can support heavy and bulky products.

They are designed to be easily adaptable to a range of businesses and give you solid value for your investment.

Why should you consider using dunnage racks?

Plastic dunnage racks support a range of weights

Made of heavy-duty plastic, dunnage racks are highly durable and provide stability during storage.

You can choose from a range of differently sized models that have different weight capacities.

This way you can pick something that suits your space and your businesses’ needs.

Dunnage racks easily withstand cold temperatures and weather changes

Plastic dunnage racks are ideal for coolers and freezers because they can withstand temperatures that fall as low as -14oC.

They are also often used at garden centres and petrol stations because they are resistant to most industrial chemicals.

Also water and weather changes that typically affect conventional outdoor storage racks.

They are easy to maintain

Plastic resists mould, mildew and pathogens which makes these racks ideal for food storage.

Since plastic is corrosion resistant, they last for much longer and can be cleaned easily on a regular basis with water blasting or steam cleaning.

Unlike plastic pallets, these are structured so that you can clean the floor underneath and this makes it easier to maintain your storage space as well.

Dunnage racks reduce product damage

Storing your products appropriately is essential to reduce damage and prevent product waste.

Durable plastic dunnage racks are practical options to keep your products off the ground, away from moisture and dust.

They also have structural features like rounded edges so your products don’t get damaged by getting snagged on sharp corners.

This also protects your employees from similar accidents.

Plastic dunnage racks are space efficient

Plastic dunnage racks are available in a range of sizes so you can choose the number and size of the racks you need, based on your needs.

These racks can then be configured and stacked as you like so you can come up with a way to use minimum floor space.

This is what makes dunnage racks especially useful for unusually shaped rooms or small spaces.

To make transport easier, these racks are lightweight, and some models even have corner pockets that make them simple to stack. This is useful for storage and transport.

They can double up for displays

Like plastic pallets, dunnage racks can also double up to hold products for display.

Since they’re easily configurable and look appealing, they work well for visual merchandising.

Why are dunnage racks useful for food related businesses?

Made of tough plastic material, dunnage racks are good at enduring the food acids and temperature changes that are common in the food transport and production industry.

In large kitchens and food production units, these racks prove to be convenient storage solutions for ingredients and other products, keeping them safely off the floor.

Thanks to the fact that they can support heavy weights, even bulky bags or boxes can be stored on these storage racks.

Space is generally a premium in kitchens and production units so it is useful that dunnage racks can be arranged in such a way that they make the most efficient use of the available floor space.

Since they can be cleaned easily and plastic is resistant to pests, pathogens and microbes, these are the preferred options for food storage.

They last a long time and can be maintained using fairly simple methods of cleaning and disinfection.

Being plastic, they are not susceptible to rust and this gives them a huge advantage over metal dunnage racks.

Some food products and ingredients need to be stored at freezing temperatures and plastic dunnage racks have the ability to withstand these temperatures.

Some are even designed with slotted tops to encourage air circulation so fresh produce or perishables will last as long as possible.

It is all these properties that make plastic dunnage racks suitable to meet food safety regulations.

Get in touch with us to make your storage more efficient

At Mills Display, we focus on providing small and big businesses with innovative and quality storage solutions.

If you’re looking to upgrade your facility’s storage and organisation, we can supply you with durable, efficiently designed products to do just this.

New Zealand owned and operated since 1986, our in-house manufacturing plant ensures quality.

Our investment in automation helps to provide precise and robust solutions for your needs.

Contact us on +64 9 634 5962 to discuss what sizes and options suit your business best.

Using dunnage racks is not only space efficient but reduces product waste by keeping them off the floor and protecting them from damage.

The quality plastic used also promotes food safety and more closely adheres to safety regulations.

Their versatile nature allows them to be easily adapted to a range of businesses even outside the food industry.

Dunnage Rack


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Also, take a look at our 8 innovative retail merchandise display ideas for you.

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Using cage trolleys for restocking and temporary stock storage solutions

Product Display Solutions Case Study Auckland

Cage trolleys offer a simple solution for moving stock around the warehouse or retail area, for big or small businesses. Contact Mills Display today…

Save time, money, and make your operations compliant with health and safety legislation by using cage trolleys. Increase productivity by saving staff time and decrease stock losses by storing and moving items correctly.

Why you should use cage trolleys?

Streamline your stocking and storage systems by adding cage trolleys to your operations. Our cage trolleys reduce the number of trips your staff take to restock shelves and decrease stock losses due to damage from being incorrectly stored or dropped.

They are easy to use, manoeuvre and can be used as temporary storage when needed. In short, they are an easy solution for a range of stock movement problems.

Who uses cage trolleys?

Any retail store that need to move items from storage to shelves will benefit from a cage trolley. Supermarkets, retailers, hardware stores, courier companies, hospitals and garden centres use our cage trolleys to get everything from A to B, quickly and with no damaged product.

Why do you need a cage trolley for health and safety?

New Zealand health and safety regulations mean that actions such as bending, lifting, and carrying heavy items are all discouraged. Injuries are common, especially when staff lift and move repeatedly, and these can lead to ACC claims and sick days.

For many companies, a pallet jack or sack barrow is used to move product around. However, if there are standard width doorways that pallets won’t fit through, or the product is loose and doesn’t stack on a sack barrow, then those options aren’t viable.

To comply with OSH requirements, you need to have an option for staff to move product without carrying many heavy items and without having to take multiple trips.
To further ensure safety on the floor, our trolleys also have brakes. Once they’re in place, there’s no danger of unexpected movement.

What kind of cage trolley do you need?

There are a range of cage trolleys available, but you need one that fits your products and moves them safely to where they need to be. They aren’t designed for massively heavy and bulky items, but are ideal for smaller items you can hand-lift at each end. Our cage trolley can move up to 300kg of product at a time, which is generous and makes it suitable for most products.

Our two-sided cage trolley with a shelf will meet most people’s needs. In this instance, the shelf is removable, so you can take it out altogether. Or, you can easily re-install it using the simple drop clips to have the shelf at a different height that fits your products better.

For instance, it’s hard to stack plants, so having one shelf lower and then having another shelf higher up means you can move more stock at once. Less trips back and forth saves a lot of time for your staff.

If you’re shifting long items, having two sides open means you can take more objects stacked long-ways. If you are taking small packages, you might need to invest in a cargo strap that wraps securely around the trolley, ensuring nothing falls out.

When making decisions about what works for you, make sure you take the door size into account. The trolley needs to fit through all the relevant doorways from shop floor to warehouse. Our trolley is 1725mm high, 785mm long and 670mm wide, so it fits through standard doors easily.

What are the benefits of cage trolleys?

The mesh sides mean you can easily see the product. The trolleys are often used as temporary storage, so being able to see what is stored there and how much stock is there makes life easier for warehouse staff. The trolleys don’t take up much storage space either and can be moved easily if space requirements change.

Using them as temporary storage is a great idea, as you can unload one day, and then restock a few days later as needed- no double handling of stock and saves considerable time.

The steel zinc-plated powder-coated frame is suitable for use outside or moving wet items such as plants. They can also be used in refrigerated or warm environments.

Call us to find out if this is the solution you need

Here at Mills Display, we sell quality products that last the distance. Our cage trolley is hard wearing and will help you with health and safety compliance. The castors are long lasting and ensure a smooth controlled journey.

The addition of cage trolleys to your storage and stock movement capabilities make you more compliant with health and safety requirements. Your staff will also save time by taking minimal trips back and forth, as well as minimising the chance for stock losses by dropping or incorrectly storing items.

They make the whole process easier and faster, ensuring better productivity and cost savings for the organisation.

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Seasonal Merchandising Ideas 5 Secrets To Success

Despite the groans and tweets about hot cross buns and Easter eggs at the supermarket, 2018’s seasonal consumer cycle is already well under way in all sorts of shops and stores around New Zealand. In this Blog post we will share with you 5 seasonal merchandising ideas.

Importance of seasonal merchandising ideas

The sales and spending figures from Christmas 2017 show exactly how important marketing and merchandising is. According to Paymark data spending in December was up 8% on the previous year. The consumers were handing over $5.493 billion during the month. This data is the network which covers more than three quarters of the country’s Eftpos terminals. Some regions saw double digit spending growth of 10.1% over the previous year. Also, the number of transactions throughout New Zealand was up 8.2% on December last year. Some of those regions are Bay of Plenty, Marlborough, Auckland, Northland and Southland. In short, Kiwis are spending more and buying more. Retailers need to be smart about how they can tap into that consumer confidence. We’re all aware of the typical seasonal marketing drives:

  • January – New Year Sales and Public holidays
  • February – Back-to-school Sales
  • February – Valentine’s Day Sales
  • March/April – Easter Weekend Sales
  • June/July – Winter Merchandise Sales
  • October – Halloween Sales
  • December – Summer Merchandise Sales
  • December – And, of course, Christmas Sales!

seasonal merchandising ideas

But it’s all very well understanding that these events are going to reappear like clockwork each year. It’s another having the right retail displays, merchandise and targets to make the most of the extra consumer demand. And no one enjoys filling the bargain bins with unsold stock at the end of each festival or event. At Mills Display we’ve had 30 years’ experience of sourcing point of sale, display and signage from around the world. Furtheremore we provide a custom-manufacturing site and industry-specific displays. Also, we are working alongside a broad range of Kiwi retailers to make the most of all sales opportunities. Over the years we think we’ve learnt a thing or two about what makes successful seasonal merchandising ideas. So here’s our 5-point guide to ensuring your store is able to roll through each annual cycle profitably.

1) Plan

It’s true of any industry and any campaign: you can’t just wing it. Of course your lead in times will depend on whether you’re directly servicing the consumer. Or sometimes you’re providing goods to be on-sold to retailers but generally if your campaign is for Halloween in October. But then again your planning needs to begin in June with purchases made in time for delivery in September. Planning isn’t just about finding the right on-trend products either. You should research the latest display trends and plan how you intend to show your products in your store. This is one of our seasonal merchandising ideas.

2) Don’t limit yourself to familiar festivals and holidays

New Zealand’s diverse population means that you should consider a wide range of annual festivals on which to base marketing campaigns. Also, should give you a lot of inspiration to create eye-catching retail displays. Matariki (Maori New Year) takes place in late May or early June and is tied in to the appearance of the Pleiades constellation in the night sky. Chinese New Year occurs between January 21 and February 20 each year and is celebrated as the start of the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival. Hindu religious festivals occur throughout the year but the main two are Diwali in October or November and Holi in February or March.

Seasonal Merchandising Ideas

You can also use unfamiliar Hispanic festivals to create unusual marketing displays. Examples are holidays Cinco de Mayo and Dia de los Muertos. Just don’t expect the same mad rush as for Easter and Christmas! And, because New Zealand is sports-mad, don’t forget the beginning of each sporting season too. Super Rugby, trans-Tasman netball, the A-league football, NPC rugby, the cricket season, basketball. Also, occasional international events such as the Olympics and world cups all offer great ideas for seasonal merchandising ideas and marketing campaigns.

3) Display, display, display!

At Mills Display we’re duty bound to focus on creating eye-catching retail displays throughout your stores. These range from entrance to point of sale. But your customers don’t want to try too hard when they enter your store. So how you show off your merchandise has to do all the work for them. The golden rules to seasonal merchandising ideas are to get the message across quickly (ideally via shop-front window displays); create a dedicated space for your seasonal merchandising idea and keep it well stocked throughout the buying period; provide a mix of familiar and innovative products and display techniques; and push the local New Zealand angle as much as possible.

4) Create a community atmosphere

One of the key ingredients to any festival, event or holiday is that it brings people together. And that means that your seasonal merchandising ideas should stretch out of the store and into the wider community. Thankfully, social media makes this simple and by sharing your store’s displays around your customers. You can spread both the idea of what you have in store but also the message behind the seasonal event. As well as social media, tried and trusted campaigns such as holding in-store entertainment or events are also good ways to attract interest. Furthermore they are gathering information on your customers.

5) Keep it moving

Ideally, you should have an annual list of rolling campaigns. That will help you to always attract something different for your customers. And don’t be put off by those who whine on Facebook or write letters to the editor about Christmas decorations going on sale straight after Halloween. Or Valentine’s Day cards being on sale as soon as the New Year sales are over. Retail is a constantly evolving process with new innovations in merchandising, displays and products. And to make the most of these innovations it pays to understand and plan your campaigns to run throughout the year.

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For more inspiration about how Mills Display can help your business organise its seasonal campaigns create successful merchandising displays, download a catalogue, email us or talk to one of our salespeople on Live Chat. Follow us on Facebook and Google My Business for our latest products and NZ Retail updates. Also, take a look at our 8 innovative retail merchandise display ideas for you.

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Easter Retail Display Ideas how to prepare a Small Retail Business

No sooner are retailers over the Christmas, New Year and back-to-work-and-school rushes. The whole cycle of annual marketing and merchandising campaigns starts up again. The first major event, Valentine’s Day, has been and gone, meaning the next important date for small business calendars is Easter. Which stretches from Good Friday on March 30 to the Easter Monday public holiday on April 2nd.

Traditionally Easter is a family-orientated holiday which in the Northern Hemisphere heralds the start of Spring. Therefore celebrated as the first holiday of the year connected with outdoors activities and good weather. In New Zealand, Easter still carries all the significant themes of family, Easter eggs and hunts, the Easter bunny, and, of course, the Christian festival. Celebrating the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, on which the holiday is based.

But because New Zealand is heading towards autumn at this time of year (Daylight Saving ends the previous weekend on March 25th). Retailers are able to draw on traditional Northern Hemisphere themes for their merchandising and displays. As well as pointing their customers towards products more suitable to autumn and winter. So to make sure your small retail business has an egg-sellent Easter (sorry for that), here are a few Mills Display tips and ideas to attract customers and transform your store.

1. Be prepared and start early

Your planning for specialised displays and Easter-specific items should be under way already – plenty of stores already have hot cross buns and Easter eggs for sale and the sooner you get them on the shelves the sooner they’ll end up in shoppers’ baskets and trolleys. The same goes for any displays you’re planning – make sure you’ve already got or ordered additional signage, props or display cabinets before your Easter stock arrives.

2. Plan and create a window display

The first impression your business makes is via your shop window so it has to reflect both what you have in stock and the type and style of business you run. Some retailers might choose to run a religious theme over festivals such as Christmas or Easter but the more typical theme – even in the Southern Hemisphere – is centred around spring using themes of Easter eggs, the Easter bunny, egg hunts and flowers.

3. Staging and styling your shop window is an artform but some golden rules include:

  • Tell a story rather than simply display your products (eg take elements of an Easter egg hunt and create “hidden” items as part of the display.
  • Don’t clutter the display and be clear with you message (if you have an Easter sale, make it very clear)
  • Be bold and use bright colours, strong lines and eye-catching props and products to attract customers.

Easter Retail Display Ideas

4. Think about customers’ buying patterns before the long weekend

New Zealand trading rules over Easter might mean that your business isn’t able to open through the weekend so it’s important to stock up on items (especially food and drink) which people buy in bulk ahead of Easter Sunday. Long-weekends are also traditionally times when Kiwis do work on their homes and gardens or get away to baches and holiday homes – you might want to theme your Easter weekend displays along those lines too.

5. Devote an area of the store for Easter products

If you are using Easter as the reason for a large merchandising campaign, gather all the related products into one area of the store so customers don’t have to work too hard to make decisions. You might be using Easter to sell chocolate and buns, DIY products or fishing gear, or you might run an end-of-summer Easter sale – but if it is all tied to one campaign, it makes sense to devote a specific part of the store to how you display it.

6. Choose merchandise which points towards family

Overall, Easter is a family holiday typified by presents (mostly chocolate, admittedly) for the children, large get-togethers over meals (possibly the last time to crank up the barbecue before Daylight Saving ends), and journeys to visit relatives or the family bach. When you’re merchandising your store – even the areas not designed just for Easter-related products – consider extra stands or strip clips which push related items for family meals, gifts or travel. High-volume retail periods such as Easter ae great opportunities to cross and up-sell products.

Easter Retail Display Ideas

7. Use Easter as a marketing and community opportunity

Easter is the ideal season to run community or family-minded events and to reward customer loyalty. You can promote your displays by bringing in entertainers or arranging themed competitions and by promoting your business through social and local media. And, remember, whenever you are engaging with new or familiar customers, it’s an opportunity to get feedback and information from them – and that data is vital to help drive your business forward.

8. Keep track of your sales data to help prepare for next year

Take photos of your displays and keep notes on how you planned this Easter campaign. You’ll be able to compare this data and sales data both year-on-year and alongside other seasonal marketing and merchandising campaigns to see what works and how your displays and products can be improved.

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