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How to Create a Beautifully Stocked Fresh Produce Section

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How to Create Beautiful and Enticing Fresh Produce Displays

Attractively presented produce makes it impossible to resist. Fresh, colourful, and varied fruit and vegetables can inspire delicious meals.

On some psychological level, vegetables and fruit can be boring. They’re healthy, we should be eating 5+ a day for optimal well-being, and it can feel like such a drag. But there is absolutely no need for this; with a beautiful produce section and a bit of innovation, you can encourage consumers to buy more.

Keep Your Produce Fresh

The first concern should be the freshness and quality of the produce. No-one wants soggy celery or bruised apples. While a lot of this is down to handling, the display is important too. For those fruit and vegetables that need refrigeration, produce matting not only cushions the produce from the bin base and surroundings, but also helps with drainage of any water and stopping slimy or rotting produce.

A herb display tray keeps asparagus and herbs looking crisp and fresh, with their feet wet and their heads bushy and alert. Coriander and other herbs can rot quickly, and they look slimy (not to mention smell awful) unless displayed correctly.

Keep Produce Accessible

Produce topper trays and separators work to keep items displayed attractively, while giving easy access to shoppers. Use of height creates attractive displays, makes use of available space without over-crowding, and allows shoppers to identify the items they want to buy without having to pick everything up and discard the ones they don’t want.

Make it easy for customers to buy by providing bags (i.e. for mushrooms) in dispensers.

Produce Should Be Presented Beautifully

While taking collapsible crates and stacking them in the produce chiller is easy and a robust solution, it’s not always the most attractive. There are a few different options for those wanting to create a beautiful, enticing vegetable and fruit display.

Display stands that use wicker baskets take advantage of vertical space and give a ‘fresh’ farmhouse vibe. We have:

For wicker baskets without stands, our range of baskets include slanted ones, ideal for storing produce in refrigerated areas. Our wicker is 100% food safe polypropylene and safe from mould, mildew, or warping in damp conditions. They are easy to clean.

It is also great to consider our natural wooden barrels for non-refrigerated items. We have four sizes of these attractive, timber barrels. They have robust and long-lasting powder-coated steel handles.

Provide Food Information

These days, customers are becoming increasingly interested in their food miles. Clearly display the price, origin, and any other relevant information like varietal or storage information. Metal blackboards give a rustic look and can be changed quickly as required, making them versatile.

Provide Serving or Recipe Ideas

To make your produce truly irresistible, provide delicious meal and snack ideas. This is especially valuable for those feeding kids; a constant challenge for parents is finding vegetable dishes for kids that they love.

You can ask customers to give their favourite recipes, ask staff to volunteer ideas that worked for them, or simply search the internet for recipes.

Present these either in printed paper for customers to take away, in a format where they can snap a photo on their smart phone, or provide a QR code where they are directed to the recipe online.

Contact the Experts in Produce Displays

At Mills Display, we have years of experience in creating beautiful, enticing fresh produce displays. Using our range of produce merchandising tools such as wicker baskets, we have helped NZ retailers maximise their sales, and we can help you too.


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