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Case Study – Stock Movement Solution for a Local Supermarket

Case Study – Crate Dolly

Stock movement solution case study. Please touch base with us if you are in need of advice on moving stock around safely and efficiently in your store.

We have solutions for dry goods, fresh goods and general retail products.

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Stock movement solution problem our customer needed solving?

A local supermarket approached us with an issue about moving stock from their food preparation area out onto the retail floor.

Problems moving stock around the store.

Our customer had many different size containers and bins they were using to transport product and were looking for a solution to fit as many as possible.

The solution had to be easily moved and able to cope with varied environmental conditions.

How did we help this local supermarket store?

We discussed a number of things with our customer such as, environment, bin/container type and distance products needed to be moved.

After speaking with our customer we were able to determine what type of Skate or Dollie would be the best fit.

It was identified that the Skate needed to be able to withstand a wet environment as well as handling fairly heavy loads.

At times the Skate would have upwards of 100kg of stock loaded onto it and then needed to be easily moved to another location.

The option of using a Skate handle was also offered to minimise the effort in moving the Skate around.

What was the Product Display Solutions outcome?

Our customer was able to use the Skate for many purposes and as it had Stainless Steel castors it was fine in a wet environment.

This was key for our customer as they wanted to be able to re-purpose it when needed.

Due to the design of the Skates base area our customer could use it to transport many different size bins and containers.

The Skate handle was found to be a useful add on as it allowed staff to “pull” the load as opposed to pushing it.

This meant they were able to see where they were going as opposed to pushing the load and having to look around it.

Blue crate dolly 2

Blue crate dolly

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