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August Featured Product – Bread Crate with Skate

august bread crate with skate

NZ Bread Crates with Skate and vented crates are for more than just transporting bread. These plastic bread crates and vented crates are extremely adaptable.

You might think you know all the uses of vented bread crates. But you’re wrong. They can be used for a huge variety of non-bread related tasks.

Plastic bread crates are great for storing and moving baked goods.

Their size, food safe plastic and great airflow make them super versatile. From museum storage to drying seaweed, we’ve seen it all.

Why use plastic bread crates?

Here at Mills Display, our plastic bread crates are made from food-grade polypropylene. That means they are safe for use for food items.

There’s no risk of contamination from dodgy plastic or insects that live in timber. They are washable, so if you spill food, it’s a matter of washing them off and they are as good as new again.

They can be stacked and moved around easily on bread crate skates or by forklift.

This is great for food preparation, where you can prep and plate things up and then move them to the chiller or freezer until they are needed back in the kitchen.

You can easily stack plastic bread crates, to save room.

Because they are vented, they allow airflow. This makes them ideal for chiller or freezer use, because the cold air will reach the product straight away.

Allowing for much quicker- and safer- cooling of the food. The reverse works too, with dough rising easily in warm, damp environments.

For longer-term storage, there is less chance of food spoiling with fresh air moving around.

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Bread crates have many uses

There are a huge range of ways our customers use bread crates, other than bread.

Catering and event planning

Traditional food organisations such as caterers and event planners use bread crates as part of the set-up process.

Like in commercial kitchens, the food is stored and then easily transported, unloaded and served from the stacked bread crates.

This means that food can easily be prepped the day before, set up on platters and then stacked up in the chiller.

Ready to be wheeled onto a truck and delivered the following day – chilled and ready to go.

Meals on wheels

Food delivery places such as Meals on Wheels also use bread crates so that meals can be securely transported in bulk to the recipients.

Vegetable transportation: Some vegetable growers like to use bread crates as vegetable or produce storage, depending on the crop.

Delicate spinach leaves or easily-bruised lettuce can be packaged safely in bread crates.

Only having one layer of stock ensures the produce reaches the destination in perfect condition.

Museum storage

Museums like bread crates to store items. Because they are storing objects in a single layer, there is less chance of damage to these valuable and rare artefacts.

The airflow around them is good too, as it discourages mould and mildew forming. The plastic means no risk of bugs being attracted by a timber frame.

Drying products

Because our bread crates are safe for use around food and they are well vented, some food producers use them to dry product.

Seaweed and salted fish are ideal to be dried in bread crates!

Seedling growing

Nurseries use bread crates to shift seedlings and plants around. From the nursery to the store, it’s easy to store pots of plants in bread crates.

You can water them, and the excess water drains away, making them ideal for garden use.

Some keen gardeners are even using bread crates to plant directly in by lining them with polythene, punching a few holes in the plastic, and filling with soil.

No weeds and they are easy to transport around when you need to put the seedlings in the ground.

Bread display

Because we can brand your bread crates, they make an attractive way to display your baked goodies. Whether at a supermarket or farmers market, this is the easiest way to keep your product free from damage during transporting and displayed attractively at your destination.

Why to buy your plastic bread crates from Mills Display?

While we hold black crates in stock, a wide variety of colours can be manufactured, although a minimum order applies.

They come in industry-standard size suitable for tilted display racks or bakery racks and bread dollies/skates.

We can label and brand two sides of your bread crates for you by hot stamping. This not only is great advertising for your company, but it also makes the crates difficult to misplace.

Other companies won’t want your branded bread crates and you want to retain your stock, so it’s a perfect solution.

Versatile and time-saving

• Volume: 48 Litre vented bread crate.
• Dimension: 680 mm x 600 mm x 150 mm.
• Material: food grade polypropylene.
• Can be stacked for space-efficiency.
• Option to brand the Bread Crates with your company logo
• Minimum order quantity applies.
• Artwork to be supplied.

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