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April Featured Product – NZ Made Victory Knife Range

april featured product victory knives

From boning knives to a cabbage knife, the Victory knife range is perfect for all food prep kitchens. Made in NZ from German steel.

Having the right skill set is key to doing a good job but your talent is enhanced when you use the best tools for it.

Victory knife range

And there are few tools as important in the food industry as a good set of knives.

Whether you’re a professional chef at a Michelin star restaurant, a home cook or a butcher, a good set of knives will make your work that much more efficient.

Ergonomically designed, easy to handle and made to last for years, the Victory knife range is handmade and just what you need to make food prep a breeze.

What is so special about the Victory knife range?

They are locally made in NZ and handmade crafted in small batches.

The blades of the Victory knife range collection are made with German steel and forged right here in New Zealand.

These knives are handmade with superb quality and great attention to detail.

They achieve a precision that is not common in knives that are mass produced.

And, it’s all made right here in NZ.

They offer versatility in terms of use: These knives can be used across the food industry for a huge range of purposes.

They are useful for home cooks, butchers, chefs in commercial kitchens, and in delis for prep.

They can be used for anything from meat and fish to fruit and vegetables.

They are available in a range of differently coloured handles to colour code your production system.

Or to choose your favourite colour, although minimum order quantity applies.

You can even have them numbered so that they are easier to keep track of.

They have well-designed and long-lasting blades.

The key feature of any knife is its blade.

The blades of these knives are ground, sharpened and polished with precise technology that the makers have been perfecting since 1927.

The extremely sharp edges of these knives reduce cutting friction which makes slicing and dicing your ingredients that much more effortless.

The blades run all the way through the handles, so they last a whole lot longer.

They are super easy to maintain: With stainless steel blades and polypropylene handles, these knives are extremely low maintenance.

They can last for years and are made of materials that are inherently rust-resistant.

They are very simple to keep clean as well.

They are so easy to use: Designed to be simple to use so your job is easier, these knives have dotted handles that offer you a better grip.

They offer maximum protection for your fingers and maintain a high standard of hygiene.

The butcher knife is equipped with a finger guard on the handle so that it is much safer to use.

Some of the knives are available in variants, for example, the boning knife with a straight blade can be ordered with a curved blade instead.

Forged knives are extremely well-balanced.

So they are much better to use than conventional, stamped knives.

They offer you a complete set: Some knives are designed specifically to cut meat while others are better suited to cut veggies and fresh produce.

It is important to know how to match the blade to the ingredient as this is what makes your task easier.

The Victory knife set contains knives to suit different purposes from butchery to produce so you never have to struggle with any ingredient.

These are also available in different sizes and styles so you can always find what you’re looking for.

Choose from the below Victory knife range:

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