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Top Promotional Tactics Using Brochure Holders

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How to Create Amazing Collateral and Use Brochure Holders to Drive Sales

Brochures provide potential customers all the time and information they need to make decisions. And, they act as a physical reminder to take action (which will be to buy your product or service, obviously).

Brochures are fantastic for marketing. They allow you to:

  • Add value, such as supplying recipes to go with ingredients or instructions for your products
  • Move high-end merchandise and services by going into depth into benefits, which customers can peruse in the comfort and time of their own home
  • Provide portable reminders, prompting website visits and spurring sales

But you’ve got to get it right; there’s no point just putting any old brochure or pamphlet on a benchtop and hoping it works. That is simply throwing spaghetti on a wall and hoping some of it sticks. So how can you ensure you get the best bang for your collateral buck?

1. Tailor the Content to Your Audience

Who is your target audience? The brochure should be designed with them in mind. You wouldn’t use dense text for toddlers, instead you’d have bright and engaging photos. In the same way, you probably don’t want a lot of jargon if your purchaser is a Jo Bloggs who doesn’t know their horsepower from their gigawatts (or whatever).

You’ll also want a mix of images and text, using headings to make it easy to scan. The whole point of having physical printed collateral is so the potential customer takes it home to read; make it engaging.

2. Choose the Right Form of Brochure

Do you need a large A4 document, or a DLE fold-out brochure? Would a DLE single card be enough, or what about a business card display with contact details? People don’t want screeds of useless information if they only want the contact details of your company IT decision maker; nor is a DLE single sided card any use if you’re trying to explain complex instructions.

3. Provide Extra Value

Whatever it looks like, give the brochure added bonuses. Whether it’s a discount coupon, a QR code to a special online landing page with more information, or real-life value like a recipe or colouring in page for the kids.

4. Distribute the Brochure

But once you’ve designed your beautiful and engaging brochure, you need a way to display it. Countertops are great but a strong gust of wind or enquiring toddler hand and the pile will soon be on the floor. So, how do you display them in a way that keeps them tidy, accessible, and where they need to be?

If you’ve got your product right there, or maybe you’re selling a service that goes with a product (like installing that high-end home theatre system), a free standing brochure holder on a counter or benchtop provides an easy, accessible, and secure way to display your brochures. At Mills Display, we have a selection of options depending on the size of your brochure, whether it’s DLE or A4.

While it makes sense to have informative brochures kept next to the relevant product, there can be instances where that’s not the best place. For example, if you’re wanting to promote a loyalty program, then having a freestanding brochure stand in the checkout queue is a logical place to put it.

If you’re a restaurant wanting people to take your takeaway menu home, then having it right next to the front door or on the outdoor menu stand is ideal. Or, you can run your promotions 24/7 using an outdoor wall mounted brochure holder.

Contact Mills Display for Brochure Holders in NZ

Once the designer has made the collateral, and the printer has created the brochure, you have to display it optimally. Whether it’s inside, outside, bench top or freestanding, we have a wide range of brochure holders and can help you choose the best one for your needs. Contact us on (09) 634 5962 or to chat about our options and pricing.


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