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Displays for Retailers: Strategic and Unique Ways To Promote Products

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3 Strategic Ways Retailers Can Promote Products and Get More Sales

There’s a few easy ways that you can increase your sales. And they aren’t expensive, time consuming, or difficult.

If you want to sell more product, you need to make sure your store, and the products themselves, are set up to prime your customers for buying. While there’s some easy display solutions you can incorporate in your layout and shelving, there’s also one very simple thing that many retailers aren’t doing- and it’s free.

1. Scarcity Sells

The less there is of something, the more value it seems to have[1]. That’s why those annoying e-commerce sites have those pop ups saying ‘someone from Christchurch just ordered this!’ or ‘only 2 left in stock!’ It’s there to give you FOMO – the fear of missing out.

While it’s easy to do this in an online store, it can be a bit harder to do in a physical store. Having only one or two items left can make them look bedraggled, like they’ve been left behind because they were unwanted. So how can you sell, using scarcity, without looking like the product is unloved and unwanted?

Dump bins.

These bins are a great way to sell product for several reasons.

  • They are easy to move around and put at the end of aisles, a great place for buyers to see things
  • People love to rummage around and find bargains
  • A selection of items together in a dump bin are not orphans; they are scarce objects you don’t want to miss out on! A sign saying ‘Last in stock!’ is the only call to action you’ll need.

Here at Mills, we have a selection of dump bins to suit your needs.

2. Get in Your Customer’s Face

One of the best ways to get a person to buy a product is to ensure they can’t miss you. Psychologists tell us that people are pretty fickle, and spend mere seconds looking at products before deciding to buy or not, often without even reading a line of text on the packaging[2].

So you need a way to present your product that grabs the attention of your typical speed-shopper. And one step further, you want them to touch it. Once a person has touched an item, they are more likely to buy it; and the longer they hold it, the more they want it[3].

One way of disrupting a customer’s shopping experience and getting their attention is using hangsells. These allow you to display your product in a way that’s easily accessible, it’s able to be moved around the store as desired, and it’s economical.

We have four types of hangsell strips:

You’ll also need some fasteners:

3. Make Sure You Provide the Most Basic Information

Strip away the fancy marketing, the loud excitement, the fluff and frills, and ensure you give people the basic information about your store. Make sure your Google My Business page has your opening hours, and good pictures of the parking, shop front, and some nice photos of the interior.

You can put whatever photos you want up; so if you have a unique product or brand, take photos of it and put them up. Also, list your USP in the description, so if someone is searching for a particular item, your shop will come up in their Google results.

Many retailers don’t update their GMB listing and it’s the easiest way to get customers. After viewing listings, over half of customers then visit the business website, 20% call for directions to the store, and 24% call for other reasons, like to see if a specific item is in stock[4]. Having a great Google business listing that is up to date is an easy way to promote your business and increase sales.

Need Retail Display Solutions in NZ?

Here at Mills, we have dump bins, hang sell strips, and a huge range of other display solutions. We can help you find the ideal solution for your retail display. We’ve had years of experience, we know the retail trends, and can advise you on the best solutions for your space and customers.







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