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Case Study – Retail Shopping baskets for Grocery Store

Case Study – Retail Shopping baskets for Grocery Store

Retail Shopping baskets Case Study. Our Team of retail display professionals can help your business find the right product display solution. Call us or visit our showroom at 327A Neilson Street, Penrose in Auckland. We work alongside many New Zealand businesses to create retail display, point of sale and merchandising products. Our retail display catalogues and website can offer practical information, but nothing beats talking with one of our retail display professionals to discuss how we can help you.

Situation for New Retail Shopping Baskets

New shopping baskets – We recently had one of our customers respond to a mail out we had sent and one of the items featured were our Shopping Baskets. They were currently using older wire shopping baskets and wanted to try our NZ Made plastic ones in their store as it was a cost effective way to upgrade their baskets and to also have more available for use.

How did we help them with this retail client…

  • Firstly we offered our plastic shopping baskets as they are light but very sturdy and will hold up to 100kg.
  • Also we offered our basket stands so they could distribute the baskets around the store and have them in multiple locations.
  • Our baskets are easy to clean and won’t rust so it makes the customers experience more enjoyable.
  • The timing was right as we were also running a promotion on our baskets and stands.

What was the outcome for this retail client…

The store owner noticed his customers were using the baskets more often as they were lighter than his old wire baskets. This also led to him placing the baskets in multiple locations around the store so his customers could grab one when they needed it. He also placed another order for baskets and stands as they were so well accepted.

Retail Shopping Baskets with Stand

Retail Shopping basket products sold by Mills Display

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