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Case Study – Retail Display Solutions and How We Put The World At Your Command

Mills Display NZ Case Study

Most of the time you come to Mills Display, you know exactly what you want from browsing our online catalogues. You know we’re going to be able to put our hands on it straight away. In this Blog post, we would like to share some important retail display solutions.

However when you need retail display solutions to help your business it isn’t always immediately available in New Zealand. So, you know we’re hooked in to a global network of suppliers and we also manufacture so you can trust us to deliver.

retail display solutions

Important Retail Display Solutions

So to show how we put our world of experience to use to keep your shelf displays and store fixtures working as hard as possible, we thought we’d share a recent case study with you.

The business:

A fresh food company wanted a new look to their food display cabinets. Something unique which didn’t look like “Joe Bloggs” down the road and which let them showcase their food.

The approach:

This company has worked with Mills Display before so knows how we operate.

They phoned to arrange a sit-down meeting. There we got as much information as we could about the sort of materials, the sizes and the colours they wanted. Those applied to serving and display-ware as well as the look and feel they were aiming for.

The process:

Once we had all the details, we were able to approach our broad. We varied the range of suppliers throughout Europe, Asia and Australia to see what we could come up with. We wanted to give the company a look which they wouldn’t be able to source in New Zealand.

Sometimes at this stage, we might find ourselves competing against other companies to come up with the right solution. However, in this case, because it was an existing customer, they trusted us to deliver on their specifications.

Once we had our selections, we sat down with the company again to go over photos. Also, we checked that the dimensions of the products would fit their food cabinet. Once the customer was happy; we got hold of samples (we can usually source small quantities of products easily and quickly either from our own stocks or from Australia) so they could be trialed in the store for a fortnight.

Mills Display always believes that the client needs to trial products, not because of the quality but to check practical considerations. Here we only source the highest quality products, especially where food is concerned. In this case we had to be sure that the trays and containers weren’t too large for the cabinet. It was important that they fitted their products they were using them for. They were easy to handle for staff lifting them in and out of the cabinet.


At the end of the two-week trial we received feedback on whether the product was fit for purpose, met requirements regarding size, colour and visual impact and any customer feedback. It’s important to use this trial period to find out what the end customer wants from our products. After all it’s them we’re all trying to please.

This feedback led to us changing the size of bowls to create a better fit and pattern in the cabinet.

The final order:

Once we did the changes and the client was happy with the look of his deli cabinet, he placed a full order. It was shipped from Europe on pallets via sea freight in six weeks. Sometimes when a customer requires a short turnaround or the size of the order is relatively small, it’s perfectly easy and economical for us to organise air-freight. However, the six-week timeframe worked perfectly for this customer.

The outcome:

We’ve received very positive feedback from the client in terms of the process and the timeframe. And they certainly like the fact that they can now easily get access to new products which not everyone in New Zealand has access to. They were also glad to hand over so much of the process to Mills Display rather than having to handle the initial sourcing and samples for trialing.

If you want Mills Display to help your business get a unique look by sourcing the best retail display products from around the world, message or LiveChat us via the website or call us on 09 634 5962.

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