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Mills Display Launches Two New Innovative Solutions for Produce and Deli Displays

Mills Display Retail Trends and Tips

Mills Display has launched two new, innovative products just in time to help food and produce stores cash in on customers’ change to summer buying habits.

We’re always on the lookout for fresh ways to show off deli items, fruit and veg and butchery, and we think our recent products offer interesting new ways for stores to showcase their goods – at both ends of the price scale.

Managing director Rosemary Fowler says end of spring and start of summer is the perfect time to revamp food displays as it ties in with shoppers changing their eating habits to include al fresco dining, barbecues and picnics as well as meaning they’re well prepared for the inevitable Christmas rush.

“Most of our customers don’t want to put anything new in at Christmas because, at that time of the year, they’re really under the pump,” she says. “So now is the time to be planning, and within our retail areas many customers are looking at changing their produce or serve-over delis because that’s where shoppers are looking for ingredients for their barbecues and for when they’re entertaining. It can be good to have a change in those areas to spark a bit of interest.”

New product #1: The Pod Shelf System

This is a major new product designed to let supermarkets make the most of their produce merchandising.

Because of their modular design, they are flexible and can work alongside any existing display cases while enhancing the shopping experience by attracting and holding attention and adding eye-catching tiered displays.

This system is perfect for a large store trying to give the impression of a boutique market and is made up of:

The Pod Shelf: Hooks in to a standard produce wall case to create one of multiple mezzanines or to a multi-deck case to increase merchandising options. Its unique one-piece shelf design and wire front fencing creates a visually impactful and upscale look while the perforated front allows for water drainage, preventing build-up of mould and bacteria. Each shelf includes baffle kit to ensure the lowest possible product temperature and is made from black powder-coated steel with rust-resistant undercoat.

Modular pod display fixtures: This creative solution to displaying products creates a dramatic landscape to draw customer attention and increase sales. The height, multiple configurations and customisable layouts adds dimension and is perfect for highlighting product categories, but also controls inventory and reduces shrink.

Mod Pos for Direct Hook-In Shelf: The aluminium construction is rust-resistant, strong and suitable for misted areas making these the perfect addition to the produce aisle in any supermarket. And because they’re designed to work alongside the rest of the modular shelf system, they are appealing, easy to install or remove for cleaning, and fit the overall consistency of an all-in-one display system.

Produce Deli Displays

New product #2: Melamine skillet

Instead of having to deal with the weight and difficulty of cleaning a cast iron skillet, we have found this brand new melamine version. It won’t rust but has all the detailing and look of a real cast-iron version.

It looks great in a butchery section for displaying meat or in a deli are for displaying ingredients for one-dish meals such as paella.

The rustic charm of cast-iron evokes feelings of farmers markets and outdoors barbecues to give your marketing and merchandising team a new toy to play with while its melamine construction means it’s extremely durable, dishwasher safe and break and chip resistant. It comes in one size at the moment – of 33 x 276 x 35mm.

The key to successful merchandising is to add interest and variety to your displays which is why at Mills Display we have developed years of experience working alongside Kiwi businesses to understand what their customers like and which new trends they can tap into.

If you want to keep up to date on our new products, items and systems, or you’re interested in finding a customised solution to a particular display challenge, you can get more information by downloading a catalogue, emailing us or by talk to one of our salespeople on Live Chat.


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