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Plastic Shopping Baskets Can Change Customers’ Store Experience

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What’s the point of spending a fortune on merchandising and great stock if your customers can’t get it to your point of sale easily?

Shopping baskets and the stands
which allow for their efficient distribution are an absolute necessity for any size store where you’re looking to make multiple sales and you don’t want your customers juggling their purchases while looking at other display cabinets or trying to ferret around for their Eftpos card.

So here’s our 10-point guide to why introducing them into your small store, or adding them to existing trolleys in a larger store can help change your customers’ retail experience for the better.

  1. Efficiency:

    Shopping for things like groceries, produce or small goods needs to be a swift, efficient process and shopping baskets keep the aisles clear of queues of trolleys as well as giving your customers the option of just a couple of items or a few items for that special recipe. The swifter the customer’s experience the more likely they will return and the better you can monitor and control your point of sale queues.


  2. Ease of use:

    Mills Display’s range of baskets can be either 20-litre capacity (320mm x 420mm x 230mm depth) or 26-litre (320mm x 470mm x 260mm depth) meaning they have room to stack hard and fragile articles alongside each other without any risk of damaging produce before it’s paid for.

  3. Versatility:

    As well as the usual carrier baskets, Mills Display also stocks baskets fitted with telescopic handles and casters so they can be pulled around. Again, this saves space around your aisles compared to trolleys but allows customers who can’t or don’t want to carry their purchases around the store, to have them contained right up to the point of sale.

  4. Store guide:

    Having a stand for your baskets at the front of the store next to the entrance keys your customers in to the shopping experience – and having a similar stand next to the checkout means they can move through the point of sale quickly without having to look for somewhere to leave a trolley.


  5. Comfort:

    As well as the baskets with telescopic handles and wheels, our range of baskets has been designed to be carried comfortably without the risk of the handles pinching customers’ hands regardless of the weight of goods inside.

  6. Trust:

    Our shopping baskets are manufactured in New Zealand and have been independently tested in New Zealand to show that the 20-litre baskets can carry more than 100kg and the 26-litre baskets can withstand more than 120kg of weight. This is more than enough to accommodate a Christmas ham or multiple boxes of bolts, screws and nails! They are also constructed with a reinforced rim and unbreakable handles to minimise breakages and give you and your customers’ piece of mind.


  7. Economics:

    When your customer steps into your store they don’t want to feel railroaded into thinking they have to spend a lot of money – but, equally, you want to be able to give them the impression that they can handle multiple purchases. By supplying them with a shopping basket, it allows people who wouldn’t think they need anything as large as a trolley to browse your display shelving and retail display cabinets without juggling what they originally came in for.

  8. Branding:

    Although the baskets are stocked in three standard colours of black, red and yellow, all our baskets can be branded with stamped company logos and designs or manufactured in your store’s branded colour. Just give us the details around type fonts, artwork and colours and we can arrange to manufacture a unique shopping basket which stamps your brand on your customers’ experience.


  9. Display:

    As well as being able to brand the baskets, the basket stands can also be customised to display your branding or to show retail signage detailing special promotions or information for customers.


  10. Intent:

    In online shopping, retailers spend a large amount of time trying to reduce the number of people who abandon the buying process before they reach checkout – well, the same applies for the shopping experience in a bricks-and-mortar store too. Supplying a shopping basket reinforces the intent to make a purchase and lessens the likelihood of a customer browsing, not finding what they’re looking for, and simply leaving.

Mills Display has a great range of baskets to suit your needs and can help with any customisation or bespoke baskets you think might compliment your store. For more information on how to order shopping baskets for your store or to talk through other potential solutions which would help your customers’ shopping experience, contact one of Mills Display’s experts via email, Livechat with us on the website or phone our Auckland showroom on 09 634 5962.

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