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October Featured Product – SpaceGrid Twin Pusher Tray

october spacegrid twin tray

The SpaceGrid Twin Tray display looks fantastic and is easily accessible for customers.

Our SpaceGrid Twin Tray is designed for small packaged items to fit perfectly into its double 2″ wide trays.

The side wings extend out to allow larger products to be displayed, which in turn are perfectly aligned and automatically pushed forward.

With this system, you can easily display the old inventory in the front and fill the fresh dated products on the back, reducing losses due to out of date product.

The standard springs work for all items under 395g. An independent spring is installed on each side so that you can load them with different quantities.

Smaller alternatives in 4″ x 14″ are also available in store and on our website.

SpaceGrid Twin Tray 100x460mm Std Spring

SpaceGrid Twin Tray 100x460mm Std Spring

• Timely efficient: Save time reorganising products.
• Easy inventory: Quickly move the older dated bags forward and place the fresh ones behind.
• Dimensions: 100x460mm (4″x18″) 2″ width on each side, expand to 200x460mm (8″x18″).
• Visually appealing: Keep all the bags neat, tidy and fronted.
• Standard spring: Suitable for items under 395g (14oz).

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