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Customer Service Benefits for Mills Display Customers

Mills Display Retail Trends and Tips

We know how much customer service benefits mean to your business. This is why Mills Display prides itself on offering a professional and friendly service. We  have experts on hand who will go the extra mile for you. Our Retail Display products are designed to keep your business up and running. This means our customer service has to reflect just that. It’s our job to work alongside you so your retail displays, ticketing and pricing, and your fixtures, clips and hooks function at their best.

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Customer Service Benefits of Mills Display

So here are the five points of difference you can expect when you come to Mills Display.

1. We’ll get straight back to you:

Because so many people research products online these days, it’s important to respond to inquiries straight away. Nothing’s worse than spending an hour researching exactly what you want to then have your request, order or question hanging around someone’s inbox for a day or two. At Mills Display, our target is to get back within one or two hours to confirm receipt of your email. Then find a solution to the request in less than 24 hours.

2. We’ll keep technology at our fingertips to help you find what you need:

A major upgrade over the past year has been the introduction of LiveChat to our website. With that, you can deal directly with our customer support and sales expert Lena Lautua. Customer feedback has been excellent. Especially from small business owners who say they can carry on serving customers or working while multitasking a request on LiveChat. That is something which certainly doesn’t work with a phone call, or from businesses who enjoy the personal touch of a direct conversation with Lena rather than a long email trail. We’ve also brought the inspiration of the showroom online through our blog and showroom tour video. This helps your online research.

3. We’ll provide the innovation and solutions you didn’t even know existed:

Another of our Customer Service Benefits at Mills Display is that the staff have the benefit of the business’s 30 years’ experience behind them. This means they have often seen or provided solutions to challenges which you haven’t thought of. Our catalogues are just the start when it comes to successful retail display solutions or practical uses for many of our fixtures products. Furthermore, because we have a fully comprehensive working knowledge of how our products can be used. That is why we can show you fresh ways to keep your business looking good and running smoothly.

4. We have the insider expertise to run smooth processes:

Whether we’re working alongside your in-house designer to create a bespoke, customised display product, or liaising with overseas suppliers and shipping companies to import products to meet your deadline, we will either use our own trusted processes or develop a relationship with you company to ensure projects run smoothly and efficiently. We have developed a national and international network of trusted suppliers and shipping companies. This ensures a ready supply of all our products. Moreover, we have a great in-house design and manufacturing team to help create customised products to give your business an edge.

5. We will follow through on all our decisions and requests:

Because even the smallest fixture and fitting can make all the difference to your business, we know how important any inquiry, order or question can be. That’s why will always follow through on any contact; why we’ll always work hard to find solutions to your business challenges; why we’ll strive to design and create customised productsto suit your business needs; and why we’ll continue to introduce new and innovative products which help your business thrive. Those are only a few of our Customer Service Benefits at Mills Display.

For more inspiration about Mills Display’s range of products and to enjoy our excellent customer service, download a catalogue, email us or talk to one of our salespeople on Live Chat.

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Do not forget you can also Live Chat in real time to Customer Services with any questions.

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