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Airfreight Deliveries Can Keep Your Company On The Move

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Your business often relies on saying “yes” to customers and then trusting your own skills, energy and aptitude to deliver on time. But when you also rely on a supplier to make sure you meet your deadline, you have to trust their energy and professionalism as well. Mills Display has a proven record over 30 years of providing a link to a national and international range of suppliers of retail display products. Having them arrive on time through Airfreight Deliveries at your business so you can fulfil your customers’ expectations.

We carry a warehouse-load of products to be able to turnaround orders as fast as possible but sometimes – because of large orders or difficult-to-find items – it’s necessary to airfreight products into New Zealand.

That’s where our experience clicks in. Because our shipping connections and global network of suppliers means we can find and deliver what you want when you need it. Mills Display customer support and sales expert Lena Lautua says it’s vital to understand the lead-in time for any order. However, once a business has set Mills Display in action they can leave everything else up to them.

airfreight deliveries

Case study about Airfreight Deliveries

When a print company got a large job with an incredibly tight deadline out of the blue, they realised they needed 6000 clips to complete the order. These may only seem like a small part of a large process. Still, for this company to fulfil its obligation to its client they needed the clips within a week. “They approached us on the Monday and told us that they need the clips by Friday,” Lena says. “But the clips they needed had to be sourced from the United States. We knew that that would mean the earliest we could get them into New Zealand would realistically be the beginning of the following week. “We’re able to do our very best on very short lead-in times. So I quoted him on the realistic lead-in time and he was able to negotiate with his client on the deadline.”

Because of the speed necessary to get the clips into New Zealand, Mills Display were then able to prioritise the quote. Then we confirm the order with the supplier in the US. This business didn’t have an account with Mills Display which delayed the process slightly. That was due to a day it took for the payment to be made. However, once that was finalised the actual delivery to the business took less than a week. “We get a lot of print and design companies. Those use us to air-freight products into the country because we’re used to the process,” Lena says. “The customer doesn’t have to worry at all about the shipping. All they have to do is confirm the order and we take care of the rest.”

The key elements to ensuring the fastest possible turnaround and best quality and price for your international order are:


If you’re an account customer you order can be confirmed straight away. On the contrary, cash customers would have to have their payment confirmed before the freight is confirmed.

Lead-in times.

Right from the outset, Mills Display’s experienced team will be able to let you know realistic lead-in times for delivery. Therefore, you can be confident in how you negotiate with your clients and organise your own processes.

Relationships with suppliers and shipping companies.

These are generally companies which Mills Display has worked alongside many hundreds of times. We trust them to deliver on time and to a high degree of quality. We are happy to rely on their reliability so you can rely on ours.


Because Mills Display works with specific shipping companies to move large amounts of goods into New Zealand regularly, we’re able to get the best priority pricing for products.

Fine details.

Shipping freight relies on specific knowledge and calculations about things such as volumetric weight (the combination of weight and the amount of space which the product takes up), MAF clearance (all products coming into New Zealand need to conform to local regulations) and Customs clearance. Having to handle these yourself can be a major headache. However, Mills Display has years of experience dealing with these things so you don’t have to.

For more information about how Mills Display can turn around a fast order to keep your business up and runnning. You can also email us or talk to one of our salespeople on Live Chat. Follow us on Facebook and Google My Business for our latest products and NZ Retail updates. Also, take a look at our 8 innovative retail merchandise display ideas for you.

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