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Twin SpaceGrids for beautiful fridge displays that increase sales

Mills Display Retail Trends and Tips

A SpaceGrid system organises your products aesthetically, ensures stock rotation, and reduces labour costs. Twin SpaceGrid trays are designed to hold smaller products in a neat, organised manner.

Mills Display is the only supplier of these modern retail systems and solutions in New Zealand. Twin SpaceGrid systems are specially made to hold small refrigerated items in a neat and orderly manner.
Small products are much trickier to display because they can easily slip off shelves and turn into a disorganised mess. With the space grid system, this can be avoided. They have a number of additional benefits including the ability to ensure stock rotation.
And with a ROI of less than 12 months, buy it now to start increasing your margins.

They make stacking easy

Small items like sprouts and one-serve drinks will no longer need special attention to keep their displays neat. Convenient, pull out trays make re-stocking products much easier. The trays are designed in such a way that the products stay put and don’t twist or stray from their spot. This way, products are forced to remain tidy, increasing the attractive appearance of your displays and decreasing labour costs at your store.

They keep the products front facing

To encourage quick buys and showcase the product in the best manner possible, the Twin SpaceGrid system keeps all the products front-facing.
This improves your display and drives quick buying decisions so your customers are able to easily choose between products. Arranging your products in a vertical grid display system allows you to stock them in a space efficient manner and make the most of the room you have. The SpaceGrid increases selling space by 15-20%.

Your shelves look freshly stocked

These trays are equipped with a standard spring so that each time the product in front is picked up, the one next in line comes forward to take its place. This way, your shelves always look like they’re well-stocked and gives your space a tidy look. This increases sales, with SpaceGrid reported to have increased sales by 3 to 7%.

Accommodate differently sized products

The Twin SpaceGrid display tray is divided into two, 2-inch-wide trays to hold sprout containers or other small packs. This can be extended a little to accommodate larger products. For even larger products like salad bags or pre-made meals, consider the other SpaceGrid variants available.

SpaceGrid is made with strong, durable material

These trays are made to last so this system saves you money. The materials used are rust-resistant and can withstand the extremely cold temperature of freezers and cold storage spaces. This system is easy to install within existing refrigeration units so you don’t have to worry about having to cope with massive changes in your space or buying new units.

The trays are designed to ensure adequate air-flow

The trays of this system are designed so there is adequate air-flow for each of the products arranged on it. This ensures equal temperature distribution and is important for items that are in cold storage. There’s no change in how the refrigeration systems work and they still operate perfectly.

They have a range of useful accessories

Each SpaceGrid system has a range of accessories to add to its advantages. For example, the clear lens that keeps all the items in place and prevents them from falling off. The lens is transparent, so it does not obstruct any part of the product’s front-facing label.
You also have the option of SpaceGrid panels and shelves. These shelves have wings that can be fixed to stand up or down. Fixing them to stand up helps hold products in place. These trays are super easy to install and give you the option of customising your arrangements. All you have to do is attach them to the SpaceGrid panels.

Mills Display gives you only the best solutions

Mills Display operates with the aim of being a one-stop destination for all your retail merchandising needs. This is why we are constantly pushing the boundaries and working to bring you the latest in shelf-ready retail display accessories. Our comprehensive catalogue now has over 3000 products and we are committed to supplying you with those that benefit your space. We have products that will suit every retail environment in New Zealand so whatever it is you are looking for, we will do our best to get it for you.
The SpaceGrid 100 x 460mm solution is in stock, so contact us to discuss how we can roll this out in your store.


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