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12 Reasons to Have Shopping Baskets At Your Store

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It isn’t just what shoppers put into their shopping baskets NZ that counts. It is why they choose to pick them up in the first place.

Why You Should Have Shopping Baskets NZ At Your Store

New Zealand grocers, supermarkets and small retailers are living through a period of great change when it comes to people’s buying habits. Habits which now mean supplying the best range of shopping baskets NZ possible. And ensuring there are enough on hand to service customers’ demands is now more important than ever.

Shopping Baskets NZ

So why are shopping baskets NZ so important? And how can you change the way you do business to make them work best for you? Read our top 12 reasons to have shopping baskets at your store:

1. Knee-jerk shopping

The days of the weekly shop are well and truly over for most households. Small families, couples, individuals and flat-mates are now more likely to shop for individual meals or for specific items. And they aren’t going to end up at the checkout with a trolley-full of items. These shoppers would much rather use shopping baskets.

2. Top-up shopping

For those who do try to keep a well-stocked larder and might do a regular large shop, it’s still likely that this “big shop” will take place once every couple of weeks. Therefore, they will require the occasional trip to the supermarket or dairy to pick up perishables such as dairy, vegetables or meat. This is where shopping baskets NZ will come in handy.

3. Time-poor shoppers

Customers who are dashing into a store to pick up a specific item or the ingredients for the evening meal don’t want to feel as if they’re tied to a large trolley-load of shopping. Therefore, a shopping basket lets them speed around the aisles while still getting as many items as necessary.

4. Self-service shopping

The rise in popularity of self-service check-outs, where the majority of shoppers will have a basket-load of items to scan, means stores have to cater for customers who want little interaction with staff. The self-service shopper has been designed around shopping baskets.

5. The 24-hour shopper

For those who shop a little and often, the 24-hour store has become increasingly popular. So for these retailers, having a good supply of shopping baskets is vital.

6. The self-controlled shopper

Many shoppers specifically choose shopping baskets NZ. Then they can self-regulate how much they are looking to spend and to prevent impulse buys of 2L bottles of fizzy drink or a box of beer. These shoppers are also the types to choose 12 items or fewer checkouts so make sure they have somewhere to leave the shopping basket after it’s used.

7. Maximising the impulse spend

At the other extreme of the self-controlled supermarket shopper, is the small store shopper. This person might have popped in for a loaf of bread and are almost certain to make additional purchases if they find themselves picking up a basket at the entrance.

8. The small-shop basket trolley

In small stores with tight aisles unsuitable for large trolleys, a shopping basket trolley might suit your store. This offers customers who might have mobility issues or those who want to buy more than a basket-full, the chance to push their shopping around with them.

9. Eco bags and shopping baskets NZ

According to this year’s Countdown Trolley Report into Kiwi buying habits, the purchase of reusable grocery bags increased by 130% on last year. As more eco bags enter circulation, it’s more likely that customers are going to use them inside stores while making their selections and before going to the checkout. Yet something that can be avoided by having easy access to baskets as they enter stores.

10. Serving the basket-shopper

Having trolley set-down areas in car parks or close to the store exits makes sense for those using them. In addition, keeping control of shopping baskets can be more difficult and lead to health and safety hazards if they are abandoned near checkouts. The rise of basket use means all checkouts need to have their own basket stands as well as all entrances.

11. Think about design

Because it’s always easier to push a trolley than lift a basket, it makes sense to choose carefully when it comes to basket design. They shouldn’t be too large so they become too heavy when full. Also, they shouldn’t allow for the handles to pinch the hand when they’re being carried. When you choose baskets from Mills Display, you can also choose to have your store logo and design stamped onto the basket to keep your branding consistent. Contact our team to learn more.

12. Point of Sale habits

Store layouts and POS designs have to accommodate traditional shoppers and customers who want treat the transaction as a swift, seamless, low-interaction activity. Many customers who choose to shop with a basket but don’t have access to self-service checkouts might still choose contactless forms of payment and look for low-queue checkouts.

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