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Security tags for shopping baskets; stop them walking out the front door

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As a result of plastic bags being phased out, supermarkets are facing an unexpected consequence – missing shopping baskets. Customers often carry their groceries home in these baskets, forcing retailers to spend time and money on replacing their supply.

Having to frequently replace shopping baskets is an avoidable expense that continues to eat away at profits. But there is a cost-effective answer to your baskets growing legs. Security tags are becoming a popular measure to prevent handheld shopping baskets from leaving the premises.

What are security tags?

Security tags are a form of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS). They are small devices that can be attached to existing baskets, and when a customer takes them through the security gates, the alarms go off. This gives retail owners and managers an elegant solution to an unexpected problem. These tags are a discreet and effective method of keeping your baskets in your store.

A simple solution to shopping basket theft

Security tags are often used by retail stores to keep theft prone products safe from shoplifting. Extending this security measure to shopping baskets doesn’t take that much extra effort. The tags are easy to procure and often, their presence alone is sufficient to deter thefts.

All you need is to attach the lanyards and ensure your security gates are running, and your baskets will stay in store, a considerable cost saving.

Strong, simple design

In this lanyard security tag design, the lanyard and the tag are together so you don’t have to worry about purchasing them separately. These tags are secured with a three-ball lock (super strength) system and are available with an AM or RF frequency (AM -58kHz and RF -8.2 MH). The antennae to receive the signals are placed at the doors so you can be alerted when they cross the boundary.

Easy to operate

The one-piece design makes tagging so much easier and less time consuming. One end of the lanyard is fixed into the hard tag while the other end has a pin which is inserted into the tag and then locked. This sits securely on your shopping basket just as it would with any other product. It’s a task that takes seconds to do, and your entire basket stock can be protected in hours.

A cost effective investment

Investing in these tags can save you plenty of time and effort. These tags are durable but if they are damaged it is cheaper and more cost effective to replace the tag than to keep buying new shopping baskets.

Difficult to bypass

Without the right tools, it is extremely difficult to remove these hard tags. Customers will find it much easier to return the baskets rather than attempt to remove the tags. Happily, the managers at your stores will find it easy to fix in and remove the tags with the right equipment.

Every retailer is dealing with the issue of lost shopping baskets in their own way. Some have implemented a system where instead of offering plastic bags, they pack the shopping in paper bags and charge the customer for it. The only issue with this is that customers can refuse the charge as well as the bag. Others have staff members standing at the doors, to pick up baskets before customers leave the store.

The advantage of the security tag solution is that it puts the onus on the customer to return the basket. It is also more economical than having your staff use hours of their shift just to keep baskets in the store. Like most security systems, just the sight of it is sufficient to dissuade thefts.

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