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How to use display hooks to optimise your retail space

Mills Display Retail Trends and Tips

Everything in a retail environment is carefully designed to showcase products to look their best. Retailers try to maximise available spaces as well as arrange displays so that products are appealing, easily seen and accessible.

The entire arrangement of a retail space is treated as an exercise in visual merchandising. For instance, to promote the feeling of a healthy, wholesome space, the produce section is often placed at the beginning of the store. Essentials are placed toward the middle or the end so customers are incentivised to walk through the other aisles and browse other products as well.

What are display hooks?

Display is everything in a retail store and it does pay off to invest in clever display accessories that can create a browser friendly environment.  Display hooks are one such product that can clear up clutter, maximise your presentation and improve sales.

Hooks are detachable merchandising accessories that can fit in neatly on standalone or countertop cardboard construction displays.  They are available in various lengths and styles to suit a variety of purposes.

How can I use display hooks?

Upgrade your display

These hooks make it possible to save floor space by arranging lightweight, compact products vertically on hang-sell displays. This also makes it possible to place key products in your customers’ line of sight.  The hooks help to organise your displays neatly without making your space look like it’s crammed with products.

Versatile positioning

There are a variety of hooks available so depending on the display that you want to create, you can choose hooks that fit into slatwalls, pegboards, cardboard displays or wire grids. Each hook has an end that is bent slightly upward to prevent products from sliding off.

Suitable for a range of products

These hooks are sturdy and can hold a variety of different products including phone accessories, fashion accessories, jewellery, and packets of items. You can choose from different hook lengths to suit your purpose or invest in all the sizes so you have them on hand. This way, you can use whichever hooks work best depending on the stock you have at the time.  You can fix hook locks at the end of these to prevent high price tag items from going missing. Only a member of your staff can unlock and show the product for a customer to examine.

Convenient, easy to use and long-lasting

Display hooks are made with highly durable plastic to ensure that they are long lasting and can be used for years to come.  Display hooks are easy to use and can be fitted or removed by a member of your staff quite easily.


Thanks to display hooks, with minimum investment, you are able to put more products on display and sell more of your stock. The versatility they offer in terms of function and ease of use means that nearly anyone can to put together eye-catching displays for new collections or special products. Display hooks are a staple retail accessory and are not likely to go out of style. So buying them is an investment that you can reap the benefits of for several years.

Thanks to the multiple advantages offered by this clever device, display hooks are often bought and stocked in bulk by chemists, jewellers, dairies, newsagents, clothing and even sports stores. You can choose between plastic butterfly hooks, double loop hooks, multi display hooks or even single hooks.

If we have a confirmed order for pegboard hooks or multi display hooks by 12pm, providing it is in stock, we can assure you that we will dispatch your order on the same day so there is no waiting around, ever!

Specialists in retail display products

Mills Display is proudly Kiwi owned and is based in Auckland, New Zealand. We have built up a diverse collection of retail equipment and accessories to offer you. With over 3000 products in our inventory, there is plenty for you to choose from to create the perfect space. Our knowledge of local needs combined with our commitment to help you succeed and international buying power allows us to offer you complete solutions for your retail needs.

In addition to a wide range of display accessories that are already available, Mills Display also offers you in-house design, prototyping and we can develop bespoke solutions for your space.  If you are unsure of which product would be exactly right for you, our experienced team is happy to help at every step, so give us a call today.


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