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Hang Sell Display Solutions

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How hang sell display solutions increase sales

Hangsell displays push impulse buys and increase sales, especially in a retail environment. Make your products ‘pop’ with simple hang sell solutions

Hang sell displays are a specialised visual merchandising tool that supermarkets and retailers can take advantage of.  You can use hang sell displays to highlight a product, brand or offer that you want to draw a customer’s attention to. One of the many advantages of hang sell displays is that they don’t require extra room in your store. In fact, these displays can utilise unused space in your store very effectively. They could fill in narrow vertical gaps, bare pillars or tiny spaces between furniture.

Benefits of a hangsell display

Hang sell displays give great brand visibility

A good hang sell display makes a brand and its products come to life. It literally stands out from the other products on the shelf to highlight the special product or offer it holds. It’s aesthetically pleasing and showcases the brand creatively, helping to increase sales.

Portable and customisable

Every brand can create a hang sell display to suit their identity as these are customisable. S-hooks or hang sell fasteners make it easy to put them up on shelves at any point in a retail environment. As they are lightweight and portable, hang sell displays can be moved to new spots in a snap, no tools or ladders required.

Hangsell displays encourage impulse buying

Placing hang sell displays around check-out counters is a tried-tested-and-true method to prompt impulse buying. It grabs your customers’ attention and encourages them to pick up a product as they are waiting in line.

How can you use impulse hang sell solutions to your advantage?

Use hang sells for convenience and accessibility

In short, make products easy to buy with an effective hang sell display. Attractive graphics or pleasing colours are an excellent way to draw the eye of potential customers.  For the same reason, it is important to also position these at eye level.  One of the key advantages of hang sell displays is that the product is simple to take off the display and place in a shopping basket.

A simple, economical visual merchandising display to put together

Hang sell displays should also be simple for you and your staff to use. Solutions like hang sell fasteners make it easy to arrange a product along a hang sell strip or peg hook. Clear adhesive tabs can just be stuck on to the back of a lightweight product. Hang sell fasteners are available to suit a range of different sizes and weights. Fasteners, strips and S-hooks are all readily available and cost-effective so you are not dependent on expensive displays to showcase your products effectively.

Suitable for different products

Versatile solutions like hang sell fasteners, S-hooks and U-strips allow you to use them for a range of different products, from toiletries and makeup to lollies and soup packets. You can position these effectively in relevant spots throughout the store. Hang sells are ideal for temporary offers, seasonal products or highlighting special products launched by a brand. These displays have an interactive element to them, setting them apart from the rest and tempting customers to try them out.

Easy to position in your store

Even customers who are at the check-out counter with just a couple of items are likely to impulsively add a small product from a hangsell to their bill. This is why they are extremely effective around check-out counters. However, they can be positioned along shelves in relevant sections for cross selling products as well. The S-hooks make it simple to attach hang sell strips to shelving, just prise apart the closed end to loop in the hang sell strip. These sturdy hooks can keep the products in place quite easily.

Mills Display is the ultimate destination for retail display solutions

Mills Display has built a reputation for providing impeccable retail solutions for supermarket and retail environments. A kiwi, family-owned business, our local knowledge gives us an edge.

Hangsell displays can be a persuasive visual merchandising tool and excellent for a for a retail and supermarket environment. They work very well to highlight a special product or brand. At Mills Display, we have everything you need to set them up in your space.

Contact us to learn more about our huge range of products or drop by our product showroom on Neilson Street in Penrose to discuss your options. We are happy to chat to you about the best solutions for your business.


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