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Flexible aisle flag holders; disrupt your customers to gain sales

Mills Display Retail Trends and Tips

For effective advertising that stops customers in the aisles, flags are a fantastic option. To install them, widgets, supergrips and flexible aisle flag holders are the easiest solution. Because sometimes, you have to stick your neck out to get noticed.

There are a variety of in-store advertising techniques and products, but aisle flags are an excellent sales tool. These aisle violators are designed to extend out from gondola shelf edges or end displays, making sure your customer is looking exactly where you want them to.

Grab your customer’s attention

To really make sure you’re noticed, you need to jump out and grab your potential customer’s attention. In a world of highly- marketed products designed to capture the gaze, it’s not easy. Aisle flags are a product designed to stop customers in their tracks, literally.
While all the other products- with their clever labelling strategies- are all to the side of the customer as they move forward, a flag sticks out. It literally violates the aisle, interfering with the flow of the traffic- and the gaze.
It’s incredibly affective to draw attention to:
• Promote a new product
• Advertise a special or clearance
• Differentiate between varieties of items
• Provide navigation instructions on the aisle ends
• Give information of store policies or offer assistance
It can be seen from both sides, so it doesn’t matter which way people enter the aisle. This gives maximum viewing potential, and printers can provide double- sided, high resolution printing that looks professional from whichever way you look at it.

Flexible aisle flag holders come in a range of sizes

Designed to suit a range of sizes of paper, cardboard and corflute, there’s a solution for every flag need across your store.
There are four sizes of flag holders that Mills hold in stock. These can be shipped to you on the same day you order.

They are adhesive backed and are so simple to install that anyone can do it. These will hold signs vertically, horizontally, or upside-down. They use special gripper teeth that hold the sign perfectly in place with no slipping or dropping out. They are made from clear plastic so they don’t interfere or detract from the design of the poster. The plastic is flexible, so if they are bumped or moved, they don’t crack or break.

Increase impulse buys

Using these attractive and versatile flexible flag holders to increase those incremental sales. Your customer is already in the store, with a retail shelf edge flag, it’s easy to make sure they see what you want them to—maybe a sale item or something the business needs to sell quickly. These aisle violators have been shown to increase impulse purchases. If the flag highlights an expensive product, many people simply buy up without thinking.
This may be a small sign, but it can make a big difference in sales of the highlighted product. Used correctly, these can make an impact for any product in the store—on shelving units, in refrigerated display cabinets, and display ends. They don’t block the customer’s view of the product but direct their attention completely where you want it to be.

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