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Six Tips for Effective Store Layouts for Your Business You Need to Know

Mills Display Retail Trends and Tips

Effective store layouts you need to know. The science of Effective Store Layouts is important. Create the perfect environment for your customers with our 6 tips to effective store design. Customers react both consciously and unconsciously to the way your retail store is set out. How your retail counters, display cabinets, stands and racks, aisles, point-of-sale counters and shelf displays are arranged mean even the slightest change can make the difference between a sale and a lost customer.

Six tips for creating effective store layouts for your shop.

1. Have your store layout reflect your business.

If customers are searching for everyday, regular purchases then the usual grid system used by grocery stores worldwide is perfect because it creates a familiar atmosphere, but if you’re pushing impulse purchases or asking people to test and handle items (such as phones or IT equipment) then a more free-flowing layout works better.

Effective Store Layouts

2. Minimise barriers between customers and sales staff.

The old-fashioned days of having store clerks behind counters are long gone and customers need to feel that they are being served by people loaded with information and advice. Make room on the shop floor for sales assistants to be able to browse alongside customers to create a busy but unclogged atmosphere.

3. Use innovation to create an eye-catching entrance.

Your front window might get passers-by to stop but it’s your front door display which tends to get them into the store. This takes clever use of signage, creative thinking in terms of displays and smart choices when it comes to displaying stock. Think about your store’s “narrative” – what do you stand for and how do you want your customers to perceive you? Are you all about price, or is service important to you, are you primed for a specific seasonal purchase, or are you all about variety? Now go and tell that story where the customer is going to see it first.

4. Ease your customers into the buying experience.

Typically, customers turn right as they enter a shop and tend not to get too involved in displays right in front of the main entrance. There’s therefore no point merchandising straight away in what’s known as a “decompression zone”, but you can still guide them subconsciously around the store by placing attention-grabbing displays on the right, and then at intervals around the store to keep them travelling in the right direction.

Effective Store Layouts

5. Give customers room to breathe.

Personal space is very important for customers (unless you’re purposefully creating the urgent atmosphere of a new year’s day or “Black Friday” sale). Shoppers are likely to avoid cramped aisles so it’s important to create space.

6. Make security a priority.

It’s important that all shelving – even temporary store displays – don’t create an environment where you can lose stock to thieves or which pose a potential risk to shoppers.

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