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Case Study – Bulk Foods Dispensing Solution

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Bulk Foods Dispensing Solution problem the customer needed solving?

Dispensing & displaying bulk cereal

A new customer came to us seeking a solution to their issue of displaying and dispensing bulk cereal.

This customer has a business that sells bulk foods direct to consumers.

They were seeking an improved way to display and dispense their bulk cereals to increase sales.

Currently they had displayed them in a large bulk foods bin but this didn’t present very well.

How did we help this local supermarket store?

We consulted with our customer to understand what the problem was and work to find a solution.

The customer explained they weren’t happy with the presentation of their cereal products.

We then suggested they try using our Gravity Bins as these allowed a clear presentation of the cereals and easy dispensing.

These Bulk Foods Dispensing Gravity Bins are easy to install and can be used with a wide range of products, not just cereals.

Due to being able to see the product as it’s being dispensed the consumer can stop the flow at anytime the want.

The Gravity Bins come in two standard sizes 8 Litre Bulk Foods Dispensing Bin and 13 Litre Bulk Foods Dispensing Bin.

We suggested the 8 Litre Bulk Foods Dispensing Bin size would suit best due to the volume of product sold.

The other benefit of moving to Gravity Bins is the decreased opportunity of contamination due to the consumer not being able to touch the product.

What was the Product Display Solutions outcome?

We sent the Gravity Bins out to our customer and they swapped the cereal products into these Bins.

One of the key outcomes was obviously the improved presentation but also that they found less stock needed to be displayed.

This allowed for better rotation and fresher product for their customers.

Our customer also liked the feature of the “false front” which you fill with product to give the impression the bins are always full.

This allows the retailer to run the stock down in the main part of the Bin for rotation.

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