Make your life easier with trolleys for inventory movement

Trolleys make stock movement more efficient, saving operational costs and time. Depending on the type of goods involved you can use appropriately designed trolleys to further productivity.

Trolleys improve the overall workflow of your retail space by ensuring smooth movement of goods from the stock room to the shelves. Trolleys are useful at the other end of the chain as well, when you receive stock and need to load it into the warehouse or storage area. They reduce the amount of manual labour required for both situations.

Benefits of using trolleys

Save time and increase productivity

Instead of making repeated trips to the stock room, trolleys allow staff to transfer a large volume at a time. This makes stocking up retail shelves that much easier and faster. Smooth stock movement ensures that your shelves are always full and you never lose a sale due to an empty shelf.

Promotes safety at work

Heavy lifting and carrying can result in muscular and skeletal damage, especially over a long period of time. Moving stock manually also poses a trip hazard. Trolleys remove the need for heavy labour, they are designed with ergonomics in mind to make shifting and moving easier for your staff. Equipped with smooth rolling casters, brakes and strong handles, they reduce the risk of accidents. This, in turn, contributes to a safer work environment and reduces absenteeism.

Reduces risk of breakage

In addition to safety for your staff, using trolleys to transport goods cuts down the risk of damage. Packages are loaded safely into sturdy trolleys that hold them securely until the designated unloading section is reached.

Versatile applications

Another big advantage of trolleys is that they are versatile and can hold a wide array of goods. Whether you operate a supermarket or a large warehouse, trolleys are essential for quick and convenient stock movement.  There are even some models that are designed for operation in extreme hot or cold conditions, such as walk in freezers.

They’re a long-term investment

Trolleys improve productivity, reduce breakage and are built to last for years. They are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use and are made to be corrosion resistant.  Simple designs and sturdy construction make trolleys easy to maintain. The initial investment you make for the appropriate trolleys help you save in the long run.

Choose trolleys that suit your specific needs

Cage trolleys

In addition to a large and deep basket space, a cargo trolley has an additional flat lower shelf that can hold bulk buy bags or boxes. It can securely hold up to 200 kg of inventory. The lower shelf is spring loaded to make it easier to place and remove items. If preferred, the spring feature can be removed to leave just a flat deck. This type of trolley is often called the garden trolley as it can carry bulky products like sacks of potting mix, awkwardly shaped baskets and even planters.

Platform trolleys

Platform trolleys are designed to carry flat packs and boxes. These are ergonomically designed for ease of use and the handle is placed at an optimum height for staff to easily use. It helps make light work of heavy stock transfer tasks.  Smooth castors make movement hassle free. It’s equipped with two fixed castors and two swivel castors to offer the handler better control.

Mills Display bring you the best retail solutions

Smooth functioning in a retail environment requires specialised and sturdy equipment. With years of experience providing for retail spaces, we understand what you need to make everyday chores easier on you and your staff.  Our wide range of trolleys help with efficient stock movement without a hassle.

Mills Display is Kiwi owned and operated, with loads of experience in providing solutions for local retailers. Our strong network of international supply partners and buying power enables us to offer you the best equipment for your business at competitive prices.

Drop by our showroom to see samples of our inventory in person. At Mills Display, we take pride in getting our customers results and have built up a reputation for excellent customer service.  We’re happy to answer any questions you may have or give you a friendly quote. Just drop us a query or call us on 09 634 5962 to speak to our specialist team about what you need for your retail space.


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Foodstuffs Expo

To all those who came to visit us at our stand at the latest Foodstuffs Expo, thank you for taking the time to come and see us. It was a great turn out and an excellent opportunity to catch up with owners, team members and Head Office representatives.

We showcased our new Neo Peg pegboard display system, collapsible crates, poly wicker baskets and stands, melamine platters and our range of shopping baskets and trolleys. The collapsible crates were certainly a favourite and this is a product we are proud to offer in three sizes. They are available in black, heavy duty design and are made from food grade polypropylene

We hope you all enjoyed the show!

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Create displays that stand out with NeoPegs

Use NeoPegs to turn your retail display into a 3-D work of art. With these versatile and easy to use peg board accessories, you can create a spectacular display for your key products.

There’s no doubt that creative signage and attractive displays draw customers and increase sales. The latest in retail displayware, NeoPegs are a clever and long-lasting solution that helps you raise the bar for visual merchandising. NeoPegs are propriety hardware for retail peg board displays. You can use these clear accessories to build a 3D effect for signage. You can also add shelves, spirals, lighting, backgrounds and more; the possibilities are endless.

How will NeoPegs change my display?

You can create the display of your dreams

Add a new dimension to your display with the NeoPegs range. Clear or white thumb screws, brackets, stand offs, adapter clips and more hold up your banners, branding and marketing material, giving them a 3D effect. This latest in retail tech helps you break out of tired display moulds and create something truly exceptional.

They are easy for anyone to use

NeoPegs are designed to be simple to use and need no special training. These accessories can easily be put up by hand, with hand tools or power tools. You or your staff can set up marketing material, arrange POS products, or information stands. The pegs fit securely into existing slots and can be removed without damaging the peg board. Consider the Neo Peg HX/LP removal tool to make disassembly a breeze. The pegboard accessories can also be kept in place for ongoing use so it saves time and reduces labour by up to 50 percent.

NeoPegs give you endless design options

The NeoPeg range includes clear HX cap, stand off (in 50 mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm 300mm lengths), clear brackets and thumb screws, among other accessories. You can use the same accessories to create a number of new and eye-catching display opportunities – from putting up clear banners to 3D Headers and so on. It even supports irregular shapes, twists and turns to draw the eye. Even light effects are not excluded. With continuous use it won’t take you long to notice that you will be cutting down significantly on waste. Novelty in your display is everything and NeoPegs ensures you achieve at a fraction of the usual cost.

They are very cost-effective

These pegs can be used over and over again for different marketing campaigns. The baseline backing can remain in place or be changed as you like. You can layer it up with seasonal elements to suit the occasion. Pegs of different lengths are available to present your POS messaging and marketing in a fresh, unique way each time. This means you don’t have to make more investment each time you want to create an attractive display. With a little imagination, this can be achieved with a few simple accessories.

Mills Display can take your marketing presentation to the next level

Mills Display has built a reputation for providing all retail display and presentation solutions under one roof. We’re a family owned and locally based company that gives you the latest and best local and international products to choose from. This makes us the top choice for product presentation in NZ.

We’re keen on keeping up with developments in the retail display field so we can offer you the best solution for your business. The NeoPeg range is the latest tech in pegboard hardware. They offer you a simple, elegant solution to up your retail display game.

Our team gets our clients results, using our knowledge accrued from years in the industry. Get in touch with us for a friendly discussion on your retail needs or for a quote, we’re just a phone call away on 09 634 5962. You could also drop by our product showroom at 327A Neilson Street, in Penrose to see our display solutions in person.

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