Hang Sell Display Solutions

How hang sell display solutions increase sales

Hangsell displays push impulse buys and increase sales, especially in a retail environment. Make your products ‘pop’ with simple hang sell solutions

Hang sell displays are a specialised visual merchandising tool that supermarkets and retailers can take advantage of.  You can use hang sell displays to highlight a product, brand or offer that you want to draw a customer’s attention to. One of the many advantages of hang sell displays is that they don’t require extra room in your store. In fact, these displays can utilise unused space in your store very effectively. They could fill in narrow vertical gaps, bare pillars or tiny spaces between furniture.

Benefits of a hangsell display

Hang sell displays give great brand visibility

A good hang sell display makes a brand and its products come to life. It literally stands out from the other products on the shelf to highlight the special product or offer it holds. It’s aesthetically pleasing and showcases the brand creatively, helping to increase sales.

Portable and customisable

Every brand can create a hang sell display to suit their identity as these are customisable. S-hooks or hang sell fasteners make it easy to put them up on shelves at any point in a retail environment. As they are lightweight and portable, hang sell displays can be moved to new spots in a snap, no tools or ladders required.

Hangsell displays encourage impulse buying

Placing hang sell displays around check-out counters is a tried-tested-and-true method to prompt impulse buying. It grabs your customers’ attention and encourages them to pick up a product as they are waiting in line.

How can you use impulse hang sell solutions to your advantage?

Use hang sells for convenience and accessibility

In short, make products easy to buy with an effective hang sell display. Attractive graphics or pleasing colours are an excellent way to draw the eye of potential customers.  For the same reason, it is important to also position these at eye level.  One of the key advantages of hang sell displays is that the product is simple to take off the display and place in a shopping basket.

A simple, economical visual merchandising display to put together

Hang sell displays should also be simple for you and your staff to use. Solutions like hang sell fasteners make it easy to arrange a product along a hang sell strip or peg hook. Clear adhesive tabs can just be stuck on to the back of a lightweight product. Hang sell fasteners are available to suit a range of different sizes and weights. Fasteners, strips and S-hooks are all readily available and cost-effective so you are not dependent on expensive displays to showcase your products effectively.

Suitable for different products

Versatile solutions like hang sell fasteners, S-hooks and U-strips allow you to use them for a range of different products, from toiletries and makeup to lollies and soup packets. You can position these effectively in relevant spots throughout the store. Hang sells are ideal for temporary offers, seasonal products or highlighting special products launched by a brand. These displays have an interactive element to them, setting them apart from the rest and tempting customers to try them out.

Easy to position in your store

Even customers who are at the check-out counter with just a couple of items are likely to impulsively add a small product from a hangsell to their bill. This is why they are extremely effective around check-out counters. However, they can be positioned along shelves in relevant sections for cross selling products as well. The S-hooks make it simple to attach hang sell strips to shelving, just prise apart the closed end to loop in the hang sell strip. These sturdy hooks can keep the products in place quite easily.

Mills Display is the ultimate destination for retail display solutions

Mills Display has built a reputation for providing impeccable retail solutions for supermarket and retail environments. A kiwi, family-owned business, our local knowledge gives us an edge.

Hangsell displays can be a persuasive visual merchandising tool and excellent for a for a retail and supermarket environment. They work very well to highlight a special product or brand. At Mills Display, we have everything you need to set them up in your space.

Contact us to learn more about our huge range of products or drop by our product showroom on Neilson Street in Penrose to discuss your options. We are happy to chat to you about the best solutions for your business.

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Draw more customers in with a visual treat for bakery and deli displayware

A big part of food display is about appealing to your customers’ senses – after all, we eat with our eyes first. Set up a tempting presentation of your food items with the right accessories.

Whether you are a specialist retailer or you have a food section in your supermarket, the way you display your food is just as important as the quality of the items themselves. Don’t let your products down by arranging them in a flat presentation that doesn’t highlight their value. Don’t forget that in today’s world of social media, a photograph of a tempting spread can go a long way.

Maintain a hygienic area

Hygiene in a food related retail space was always important, but has become more so post pandemic. Food presentation accessories like dome covers give you an elegant solution to keep food on display covered and safe.  These clear plastic domes showcase your food well while keeping it fresh throughout the day. Smudge-free glass, clear counters and clean workplaces give customers indications that the food storage and preparation is well-maintained and clean.

Separate cutting boards

One of the easiest ways for bacteria to spread in a kitchen or food space is via cutting boards. This is why they’re an important aspect of food safety and it’s recommended that separate boards are used for breads and meats. We have a range of different cutting boards to suit your needs, from polyethylene in different colours to attractive acacia wood display cutting boards. Making a clear distinction on using different coloured boards for different types of foods is important.

Dynamic presentation with step risers

Meticulously arranged food in a cohesive presentation sends customers the message that food is handled carefully. Leave no place empty and create dimension so everything is not at the same level. For varying heights within a serve-over counter, use cake stands and step risers. Appeal to the senses, imagine the smell of freshly baked bread that tempts you to step into a bakery. Your food section should look good and smell inviting to draw customers in. Choosing the right colours that highlight your products will persuade customers to take a second look. Avoid clutter at any cost and create specific points of focus that will draw your customers’ eye.

Arrange things conveniently

The presentation isn’t just about looking good, but also convenience. In one sweep, customers should be able to take in the different foods you have on offer and make a choice. If it takes too long to understand all the categories and varieties available, customers are likely to give up and move on. Target those busy customers who are looking to spend the minimum buying time, have your ready to-go combos on display. Special offers and pricing should be clearly marked to leave no room for confusion and to help customers make their decisions quickly.

On-brand indicators

It’s useful to use decorative items that continues the brand language. For instance, to create a fresh, organic, clean presentation, produce replicas and parsley garlands reinforce the brand image. Warm wooden cutting boards and wooden display easels for signage completes the look.

Choose food display accessories that work for you

Food display accessories need to be able to withstand daily use and require straightforward maintenance. Polyethylene cutting boards, clear plastic domes and acrylic step risers not only present food in your serve over counter beautifully but are also easy to keep clean and hygienic. These food-grade accessories are excellent for food outlets and economical in the long run. Some customers are reassured by signs that showcase food and safety practices that are practiced at your store. This is especially relevant in the post-COVID world.

Call Mills Display to serve up a sumptuous food display

Local knowledge coupled with international buying power and supply partners puts Mills Display in the best position, offering you quality products at competitive prices.  Mills Display has years of experience and a solid reputation for providing excellent customer service.

Food presentation is a core specialisation and we have a comprehensive range of products to showcase your items in the best possible way. Our friendly and experienced team is committed to getting customers results and will be able to guide on products that can take your presentation to the next level.

Our inventory encompasses a diverse selection with over 3000 items of displayware. It is our aim to offer you the best solutions for your commercial space so we’re keen on keeping up with the latest products and thinking out of the box. Get in contact with our specialist team for a friendly quote or to explore your options.  We’re also accessible at our showroom on Neilson Street in Penrose.

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Shopping Trolleys

Three shopping trolleys to make shopping a smooth ride for your customers

When was the last time you thought of the plumbing in your house or your car’s wipers? Probably when they stopped working they way they should. These are products that which provide an essential but unremarkable service.

Shopping trolleys fall in the same category. Besides, when kids are having joyrides, people hardly ever gush over a smoothly operating trolley. However, the moment they get one with a wonky wheel, they just lose their mind!

Shopping carts or trolleys form an essential part of the shopping experience. If you own or manage a supermarket, shopping mall, or any large store, you need them to ensure your customer’s shopping journey is a smooth one. 


Here’s a quick rundown of the shopping trolleys in our range:


Standard trolleys

This standard shopping trolley is the ride of choice at a large number of New Zealand supermarkets and shopping malls. 

9 reasons why it’s for you:

  1. Sturdy yet lightweight making it easy to handle when full
  2. Can handle weights up to 55 kg
  3. Silent wheels so it doesn’t add to the noise in the store
  4. Two fixed wheels at the back and two swivel ones at the front 
  5. Long lasting, durable zinc surface coating ensures it’s protected from the harsh NZ weather conditions
  6. An ergonomic handle that makes moving it a breeze; plus, colour is customisable to suit different brands’ colours and logos
  7. Corner bumpers reduce damage to itself as well as other trolleys
  8. Foldable baby seat with buckled child restraint belt that ensures kids are safe and comfortable
  9. You own or manage a supermarket or retail business where products are not excessively large or heavy 


Our shopping cart comes in two size variants – the 125 litre trolley and the 150 litre trolley

Cargo trolleys 

The bigger cousin of supermarket trolleys, cargo shopping trolleys are useful in hardware stores, garden centres and wholesale goods shops.

Shopping Trolley Cargo 42L

10 reasons why it’s for you

  1. Sturdy yet lightweight making it easy to handle when full
  2. Large shelf 
  3. Can handle weights up to 200 kg including 100 kg on the top basket
  4. Top basket folds down to accommodate larger items 
  5. Two fixed wheels at the back and two swivel ones at the front 
  6. Long lasting, durable zinc surface coating that ensures it is protected from the elements and NZ weather conditions and looks good for longer
  7. An ergonomic handle that makes moving it a breeze; plus, it’s available in different colour trims with custom printed inserts
  8. Corner bumpers reduce damage to itself and other trolleys
  9. Can be made with or without a spring-loaded cargo shelf that helps with easy loading and unloading
  10. You own or manage a hardware store, garden centre or any other business where products are large or heavy 

Check out the cargo shopping trolley here

Shopping basket trolleys 

A smaller cart with space for our 20 and 26L shopping baskets, this trolley is ideal for shopping centres with smaller aisles and lesser maneuvering space.

Shopping Basket Trolley

9 reasons why it’s for you

  1. Sturdy, compact and space-saving
  2. Spares your customers carrying heavy baskets
  3. Can handle weights up to 55 kg (15 kg on the top basket and 40 kg on the bottom basket)
  4. Two fixed wheels at the back and two swivel ones at the front 
  5. Long lasting, durable zinc surface coating that ensures it is protected from the elements and NZ weather conditions and looks good for longer
  6. Hooks can be added to hold the customer’s bag
  7. An ergonomic handle that makes moving it a breeze; plus, it’s available in different colour trims with custom printed inserts
  8. Corner bumpers reduce damage to itself as well as other trolleys
  9. Perfect for liquor stores, small convenience stores and other shops where aisle space is limited 


Read more about the shopping basket trolley here.

Everything for your customer to shop till they drop

Besides shopping trolleys, we also have other accessories that makes your customers’ shopping trips the best possible experience. Check out our shopping baskets (available in a range of colours) and shopping basket stands

Need help picking a shopping trolley?

If you’re unsure of what shopping accessory works best for your space, get in touch with our friendly team for support today.

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