Collapsible Crates

Collapsible Crates For Effortless Delivery And Storage

Collapsible crates are the solution for a range of delivery options

The pandemic has changed the way NZ businesses are operating. It’s expected the changes will last beyond the current crisis, as people expect delivery of household goods and higher standards of care from businesses.

To help you deliver your business goods easily, our collapsible crates are perfect. In a range of sizes, there’s one for every task.

Convenient and easy

Our crates are designed for optimal efficiency, with easy to hold handles so you can carry items easily. There is a space for labels, so you can store goods and easily access just what you need without having to unpack every crate. The collapsing mechanism is super simple, with no hooks or clips—just push the ends down and the sides automatically fold in flat.

Space efficient

These crates stack when full, which saves space when in transit or being used to store goods. This helps to reduce shipping costs, and also avoids product damage.

They collapse when empty, to save on storage space in a warehouse, in a kitchen, in the transit van- where-ever you use them.

Hard wearing and long-lasting

The plastic is made from food-grade polypropylene. This means these crates are safe for transporting of food and food products. The plastic itself is durable and hardwearing, able to deal with being stored outside in a yard. It also takes the knocks that happen during loading, unloading and transit.

These crates are better than timber crates in many ways. There are no nails, splinters or mould to worry about. They are lighter and therefore easier to carry and move and are compatible with forklifts and conveyor belts.

Keep your produce in immaculate condition

Finally, these crates keep your products safe. Whether it’s delicate fruit like strawberries or ripe avocadoes, crates ensure they aren’t damaged – unlike boxes, which can be dented, can collapse, or can get wet and disintegrate.

And when they get dirty, these crates are easy to clean; you can easily hose or wash them down. They can be treated with a number of different cleaning solutions, which help to keep your crates clean, compliant with health and safety laws, and keeps the quality of your produce high.

Our range of commercial grade collapsible crates

We have a range of sizes to suit almost any product and need. Our range of crates all easily stack with each other, regardless of size.

36L collapsible crate (600 x 400 x 200mm) is our smallest crate

40L collapsible crate (600 x 400 x 22mm)

Our 48L black crate (600 x 400 x 260mm) is our largest size. Perfect for bulky or lighter products.

What are collapsible crates used for?

These vented crates are used in a wide variety of industries and businesses. Fruit and vegetables are one common use, not only for transporting goods but also for storage and display when they are at the store or market. They are the perfect size and shape for almost every imaginable type of produce.

The dairy industry use vented crates because the plastic functions perfectly in fridges and freezers. Unlike timber, which swell and warp, the plastic retains its shape and form. The plastic can also be sanitised and washed easily, part of the strict food safety standards around dairy.

Bakeries use vented crates to ensure their goods don’t get squashed or damaged in transit. Also, because often breads etc are packed when still warm, the vents allow steam to be diffused and stop the product from getting soggy.

Commercial kitchen use vented crates for all the reasons above. To meet strict food safety standards, to allow fridge-freezer-transport with no warping or damage, and simply due to the ease of use.

Contact us to discuss what you need

Contact Mills Display today to talk to our team. We have been in business in NZ for many years, and our depth of knowledge and understanding of the market is unsurpassed. Talk to us about branding the crates, whether it’s stamping your logo or creating a custom colour run, we can make these suit your brand and stand out in the market.

Talk to us about our plastic recycling, as all our produce crates can be recycled when they reach the end of their lifespan. This creates a circular pattern of use, which is great for the environment, as well as your business environmental standards.

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Have you been thinking about how to draw attention to a particular product or revamping your Instore signage? Hopefully we can provide you with some ideas or inspiration! We have a large range of signage options for use in all types of retail environments including, supermarkets, clothing stores, hardware stores, department stores and more.

Our Snap frames are a great solution if you have an area where you are changing out products regularly and also need to change your marketing or price signage.

These frames have ‘snap open’ sides which make them ideal for ever changing signage material.They can be attached to a wall, retail fitting, pole or are even available on a stand and are available in a multitude of colours and sizes


For retailers looking for an economical or versatile product we have our Plastic Sign frames. These are great for use in areas where you need to hang a frame as they can be supplied with hanging clips or can be attached to hanging wire.

 Our Plastic Sign frames are also perfect for counter tops or serve over cabinets as they can be supplied with magnets and plastic feet. The Plastic Sign frames are available in a range of sizes and have a wide selection of accessories  available too.

Looking for a signage option that is a little more ‘Old school’? We have A-frame floor standing Blackboards that are just waiting for someone with an artistic edge to be let loose on!

These are great for displaying fun messages or even just to be used to say “welcome” to your business.
Because these are double sided you can communicate different messages on each side to draw attention to pricing or products.
We can also supply other types of blackboards on request.

There are many more types of signage available so please get in touch with us if we can help by calling us on 09 634 5962 or email us at



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Clip it, ticket it and pop it; the easiest food labelling options in NZ

From cafes to supermarkets, delis to bakeries, you need to label your food. There are plenty of ways to create attractive food displays, and Mills Display can help.

Whether it’s loaves of bread cooling on the rack, custard squares on a counter, or a row of salads behind glass in a deli, there needs to be labels. Your customers need to easily identify what they are looking for, see the origin and allergen information, and understand the pricing.

Because every type of display has different limitations, there are a huge range of food labelling options. And once you’ve printed the label, you need the best way to display it so it’s stable, secure, and easy to see. You could be losing sales without even knowing it—some people will simply walk off rather than asking for more information.

Table stands

For displaying food, these low table stands are perfect. They hold menu cards and price tickets in place without obscuring the food.

This 35mm D base style table stand is a popular option across NZ. Easy to clean, stable and perfect for café display cases or deli counters. Made from robust stainless steel, it can be put in the dishwasher to be cleaned as required.

This 80mm tall D base harp table stand helps your labels stand out from the crowd. Taller than the 30mm cousin, it’s better for use when there are rows of food containers that are staggered, and you need the extra height in the back rows. It can also be used to hold table numbers.

This ring-style stand is 50mm high, with a D style weighted base. Sturdy, easy to clean stainless steel, and low so the label doesn’t interfere with the food display. It can also be used to hold table numbers or display small DLE-sized menus on tables.

For pricing meat, cheese, baked goods and salads, these ticket pins are an economical and easy solution. These stainless steel 20mm ring cardholders have 25mm spikes which stick securely into food items. No knocking over stands or worrying about missing price tags.

If you need cardholders that clip onto a surface, these hinged ticket holders are ideal. Easy to clip onto horizontal and vertical surfaces, they will easily attach to trays, bowls and shelves. These are sturdy and keep your labels where they need to stay.

POP Clips

The range of P.O.P clips come in a range of colours, sizes, styles and adhesive methods. If you have a need to display labels or price tags, there is a POP clip that will work for your situation.

Mount your labels with clips that easily can be added or removed from shelves and containers easily. With no sticky foam or glue, you can remove and reattach in seconds. These are perfect for items that may occasionally move locations, or for free-standing bins. There are several sizes and types of clip-on label holders.

Magnetic-base clips are ideal for refrigerated containers, or anywhere with magnetic metal. Super easy to move around and remove as needed, these POP clips are the ultimate in versatility.

The double-ended 50mm clip has two clear plastic spring clips with a short 50mm rod. These clips attach to most bowls, trays and cardboard boxes. They are ideal for almost any retail situation, incredibly versatile and great to have in stock at all times.

For a more permanent solution, the POP Clip with an adhesive base is a good option. It uses foam tape to adhere strongly to almost any surface, including glass, metal and counter-tops. It’s adjustable to swivel in any direction.

For another easy-care solution, plastic stands have wide bases for added stability. They come in a range of sizes and the added height places the price tickets at an easily visible height so your customers have all the information they need to make a purchase. Ideal for bins of clothing.

Look professional and increase sales

Every retail outlet can take advantage of the versatile range of label clips. Butchers, hair dressers, delis and food counters, art galleries or restaurants can all use these.

Mills Display are NZ owned and operated. We’ve been around for years, and our staff have an in depth understanding of the industry. As a result, our selection of products is broad—we know that not one size fits all.

Contact us to find out how we can help you. Our range is ever-changing, and if you have specific needs, we are happy to discuss them and see if we can accommodate you.

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