December Featured Product – Commercial Quality Wheelie Bins

Wheelie bins are more than just rubbish disposal. Use them for storage of food ingredients to allow easy transport and safe storage.

Wheelie bins offer smart and easy storage

Designed for convenience, wheelie bins are highly functional and used across industries, and not just for waste disposal. They are considered to be a key component of food processing equipment and are often used in supermarkets and bakeries to store ingredients.

If you are looking for a safe bulk storage solution, wheelie bins are the perfect choice. You can choose from a wide range of sizes and capacities to suit your needs – if an 80l wheelie bin is too small, you can opt for a 140L wheelie bin, 240l wheelie bins or even something bigger. Beside the varied capacities available, wheelie bins have several other features that work in your favour.

They are versatile

These bins are made to keep their contents safe and are cleverly designed so they’re easy to use. Wheelie bins are simple to keep clean and meet hygiene standards easily. This is why they are often used to store food and bakery ingredients. They can be adapted to a number of different uses; you are only limited by your imagination.
They are often used for waste management in many establishments. These are especially useful as a self-supply option for those stores without contracted waste disposal.

They are so easy to use

You can choose between the 2-wheeled bin or the 4-wheeled bin models. Both make transporting goods much easier on your staff. Thanks to the wheels, moving ingredients from one spot to another becomes much quicker. Even heavy loads can simply be wheeled around without any physical exertion. This way, your employees can avoid lifting and don’t have to strain their backs or knees. You have this advantage whether you’re using the 120l wheelie bins or the larger 360l wheelie bin.

They are reusable and cost-effective

Wheelie bins are made with tough HD polyethylene material so they can comfortably withstand daily wear and tear. Even the flip lid is made to be strong enough to tolerate impact that is commonly expected in a processing plant or a supermarket. Thanks to their tough construction, wheelie bins can be reused for years which is more economical for you in the long run.

They are designed for efficiency

Made with flip lids, secure locking systems and wheels, these bins have been thoughtfully designed to make work as efficient as possible. They are also made with lids in different colours (for example: grey, green, red, blue) so they can fit in with any colour coding system that you have in place at your establishment. Colour coding different ingredients is a reliable method of preventing cross contamination. The sides of these bins are smooth with minimal or no grooves in the design. This was done deliberately so that they are easier to clean and can maintained with minimal effort.

They are very durable

Constructed from HD Polyethylene, these bins are extremely durable. Besides being able to store a very wide variety of products, they are also corrosion resistant and withstand outdoor elements much better than most other materials. This comes in handy if you are using them for waste management and need to store them outdoors. In this sense, they are much more durable than metal storage bins.
Wheelie bins are not just useful in large retails stores, factories or processing plants, they are often used for domestic use and in smaller stores as well. They are frequently used to safely store grains and other supplies in small retail spaces and bakeries. In individual homes, wheelie bins are often used to store things like dry dog food which needs a dry storage bin that is difficult for dogs to access.

At Mills Display, we put your needs first

Running a retail space requires so many factors to be working in perfect cohesion that there’s a lot you need to keep an eye on. At Mills Display, we try to make things as easy as possible by making a wide variety of shelf-ready products available to you. Our 3000+ catalogue of retail display merchandising products is complemented by the core services we offer.
Our services include in-house manufacturing of display and merchandising products, including injection moulded products. We also manufacture prototypes and offer customisation of certain products to suit your space.
For specific products that we may not stock, we do our best to source them from manufacturers who specialise in merchandising products.
We aim to work with you to make your retail space profitable with efficient displays, great presentation and easy processes. Wheelie bins are just one example of a wide range of well-designed products that make common processes that much more competent. Our sales team is highly experienced in the retail space and committed to getting you good results. We work hard to put together a space that your brand will be proud of. Get in touch with us today, if you are thinking of upgrading your commercial space.

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November Featured Product – Edikio Food Safe Printers and Accessories

Innovative food ticketing from Edikio available in New Zealand!

Edikio retail food ticketing, self printed, reusable and cost effective. If this product is of interest to you please get in touch with our Team of retail display professionals. You can call us or visit our showroom at 327A Neilson Street, Penrose in Auckland. We work alongside many New Zealand businesses to create retail display, point of sale and merchandising products. Our retail display catalogues and website product range can offer practical information.But nothing beats talking with one of our retail display professionals to discuss how we can help you.


Everything you need in one bundle.

This new range of food ticketing cards are supplied with everything you need to get started. You get the printer, cards, ribbon and software to allow you to print a wide variety of images and wording. The extra cards and replacement ribbons are also available whenever you need them.

Solve those food ticketing issues.

This new range of self printed plastic cards do away with the need to print and laminate numerous paper tickets. These new printed plastic cards can be reused a number of times as they can be wiped down and won’t curl or show water damage. This new range will allow you to do away with the laminated paper tickets that have to be reprinted multiple times.


Print a wide range of content on the cards including graphics.

There is a wide range of content you can print on the cards including graphics, pricing, logo’s, country of origin and much more. The software allows you to also print information on the reverse side of the cards in some instances. This will help your staff identify a product from the information printed on the back side of the card. You can choose a pre-designed template or create your own design with the dedicated professional software. There is also the option to import information into the software from an Excel file (products, prices, etc…). The Edikio software has a unique chalk handwriting font to give your labels a genuine look.

Contact us now to find out more on this exclusive range!

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October Featured Product – SpaceGrid Twin Pusher Tray

The SpaceGrid Twin Tray display looks fantastic and is easily accessible for customers.

Our SpaceGrid Twin Tray is designed for small packaged items to fit perfectly into its double 2″ wide trays.

The side wings extend out to allow larger products to be displayed, which in turn are perfectly aligned and automatically pushed forward.

With this system, you can easily display the old inventory in the front and fill the fresh dated products on the back, reducing losses due to out of date product.

The standard springs work for all items under 395g. An independent spring is installed on each side so that you can load them with different quantities.

Smaller alternatives in 4″ x 14″ are also available in store and on our website.

SpaceGrid Twin Tray 100x460mm Std Spring

SpaceGrid Twin Tray 100x460mm Std Spring

• Timely efficient: Save time reorganising products.
• Easy inventory: Quickly move the older dated bags forward and place the fresh ones behind.
• Dimensions: 100x460mm (4″x18″) 2″ width on each side, expand to 200x460mm (8″x18″).
• Visually appealing: Keep all the bags neat, tidy and fronted.
• Standard spring: Suitable for items under 395g (14oz).

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September Featured Product – Cargo or Garden Centre 42L Shopping Trolley

Our cargo shopping trolley is a multi-purpose trolley that suits a large variety of occasions: you can use it to load your shelves; otherwise, it is super versatile to use for customers and staff in hardware stores, garden centres and back of store.

This trolley is exceptionally sturdy and holds up to 200 kg of items.

The top basket can fold down to allow more space on the bottom shelf; products with sheer volumes could easily fit in.

The lower shelf applies the spring-loaded mechanism to enable more effortless loading and unloading.

Alternatively, we can remove the springs and customise into a flat deck upon request.

The trolley is zinc-plated with a clear coat. Is super easy to clean and is protected against corrosion in normal use.

Handles are customisable to different colours and we can also print your logo on them (minimum order quantities will apply).

Shopping Trolley Cargo 42L

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Case Study – Stock Movement Solution for a Local Supermarket

Stock movement solution case study. Please touch base with us if you are in need of advice on moving stock around safely and efficiently in your store.

We have solutions for dry goods, fresh goods and general retail products.

Call us or visit our showroom at 327A Neilson Street, Penrose in Auckland for inspiration or advice!

Stock movement solution problem our customer needed solving?

A local supermarket approached us with an issue about moving stock from their food preparation area out onto the retail floor.

Problems moving stock around the store.

Our customer had many different size containers and bins they were using to transport product and were looking for a solution to fit as many as possible.

The solution had to be easily moved and able to cope with varied environmental conditions.

How did we help this local supermarket store?

We discussed a number of things with our customer such as, environment, bin/container type and distance products needed to be moved.

After speaking with our customer we were able to determine what type of Skate or Dollie would be the best fit.

It was identified that the Skate needed to be able to withstand a wet environment as well as handling fairly heavy loads.

At times the Skate would have upwards of 100kg of stock loaded onto it and then needed to be easily moved to another location.

The option of using a Skate handle was also offered to minimise the effort in moving the Skate around.

What was the Product Display Solutions outcome?

Our customer was able to use the Skate for many purposes and as it had Stainless Steel castors it was fine in a wet environment.

This was key for our customer as they wanted to be able to re-purpose it when needed.

Due to the design of the Skates base area our customer could use it to transport many different size bins and containers.

The Skate handle was found to be a useful add on as it allowed staff to “pull” the load as opposed to pushing it.

This meant they were able to see where they were going as opposed to pushing the load and having to look around it.

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